Maternity Leave is Over – Day 4

I worked from home today so this post isn’t about forgotten makeup and commuting rants. It’s about the sport tryouts that is giving me a chance to catch up on a post. 2+ hours sitting on a metal bench in the cold. I was late getting here, so my dad helps us again and brings my boy while me and the baby bring older boy his gear he forgot in the car. When I get to the location, I unpack the baby, do up the stroller with a snack, my tea, a jacket for baby, and my tablet. My dad says it’s cold out and asks if it’s too cold for the baby. There’s a lot more being said in that question. He said he can take baby home with him until tryouts are over. I say baby is very active. He says he can do it. I say I have a jacket and baby is wearing pants and long sleeve. He says it’s cold. I straight up say I worry baby will be too much and tire him out. He says in controlled exacerbated patience, he will be fine. I finally relent. We drive home and I go back to watch in the cold sitting on a metal bench.

I already look forward to the end of business day Friday. It was good to ease into the same job. It’s like riding a bike. Already teaching. Already trouble shooting. Already dealing with the politics.

Now to feed the masses.


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