The Grind

Maternity Leave is Over – Day 8

My internal clock that makes me pee at 6am is fighting with my need to sleep. You know what I’m talking about. Your bladder wants to pee and wakes you up. You desparatly want to sleep so you try to ignore it and you lay half awake trying to sleep and ignore the ever increasing urge. I wish I could just wake up and go to the bathroom then go right back to sleep, but I have the hardest time falling asleep. Turning off the internal monologue helps if I listen to some tunes. On the weekend I was able to ignore the pee alarm and fell back asleep. I was exhausted from the week that I slept hard. But the body has a way of letting you know. I dreamt that I was out swimming then moved to changing and everyone had to use the bathroom. There was a line up in my dream! When I woke up in the middle of that, I jumped out of bed.

  1. It’s the second week back to work and as I mentioned above I had slept in. Combine that with hubby doing dialysis it was a bit of a rushed morning. Brushed teeth
  2. Put some morrocan oil to smooth down the crazy waves frizz from last nights hair wash and sleep because aint no one have time for hair straightening today
  3. Throw on a dress and blazer
  4. Rummage for some gym clothes -going to try and get a free trial and see if I should go back to there or a different one and try and tighten this body up!
  5. Pack my ceasear salad lunch I made last night. Didn’t make breakfast nor had time to pack a few slices of bread with my packets of peanut butter and jam
  6. Purse, crochet, phone, tablet, headphones

Ready to speed to the train station in my flip flops. As soon as I step out the door I know I should have out on pants and need a jacket. Thank goodness for the PATH.


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