Ups & Downs of Dialysis – The Wife’s Side

There’s a reason for the saying “out of sight. out of mind”.  Since I haven’t kept a diary in years, I haven’t been able to read to remember some of the craziness that has been the adventures of diagnosis, peritoneal dialysis, transplant, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis for years before it’s failure, and now home hemodialysis.

Check the Kidney Failure category of my blog for posts for how we first learned of his dying kidneys, the complications that we’ve had to endure, my rants on how it affects our lives, hospital stays, etc.

I have many posts in the Till Death Do Us Part – We’re Married category that tell my perspective/experiences/emotions of how End-Stage Renal Failure/Disease (ESRD) and dialysis takes its toll on me.  The Wife.  The Caregiver.  The Best Friend.  The Mother to his Children.  Many of the posts are also in the Kidney Failure category, but not all.

Thank you for reading my side of things….the wife’s side.


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