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Maternity Leave is Over – Day 3

How the heck do I forget my make up again?! You switch purses to better match your outfit as you run out the door. Hello bags under the eyes and blotchy skin. We meet again. At least my outfit looks great. It helps I’ve lost a couple of pounds from the switch up in eating habits. Double expresso lattes, smallish lunch and too much dinner. I don’t think it’s too much, but my stomach has shrank so I feel way too full. So far it’s everything you’re not supposed to do. Don’t skip meals, especially the most important breakfast meal, not eating any snacks through the day so I’m starving and over eating at night. In my defense, I did being a Greek yogurt for breakfast yesterday. I also left it in my purse all day and didn’t eat it, but I did bring it….and waste it.

Some exciting and scary news. I handed in my 2-week notice yesterday. I start a new adventure in my career journey. The resignation is the first step. Well, I guess responding to the job opportunity was the first. Each interview phase was another few steps. But you get my point. I’m making moves, baby!

It was a difficult decision as I truly enjoyed the job, liked the people I worked with and the environment. Many changes in the office that affected my position forced me to address where I stood there. As bittersweet as it is, I’m excited to breakout of the comfort of doing the same job for 5-years, albeit 1+ years on maternity leave. If it’s one thing I learned in life, you are only stuck if you leave yourself there. Don’t like your job? Look for another. Don’t have the requirements to get your dream job? Take classes, network, find a mentor, ask for an introduction or a coffee chat with someone who is doing the job you want and ask them how they got there, volunteer in the field you want the job in to get some experience, etc. MAKE MOVES! As cliché as it sounds, life is like chess. You need to think strategically to make moves in your life to win. Each piece holds different significance, but are part of the game and useful in some way.

More happened once I got home, but with the remainder of my commute, I’ll just listen to my slow jams and crochet.


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