30 day writing challenge

Five Ways To Win My Heart – Day 1

30 day writing challenge

Last year I started a 30-day writing challenge with Trvln Red Stilletto and only completed half.  With Nicole.YL blogging regularly I am motivated to write more. Challenge meet Motivation and I’m back to write the other half of the writing challenge.

Five Ways To Win My Heart


1.  Don’t judge me and accept me for who I am – I’m not perfect.  Sometimes I say shit, do/don’t do what I’m supposed to, etc.

1.1 Sometimes my filter isn’t on and I say shit because I just can’t sugar coat it anymore.  Well, it can be harsh at times, but that may not be my intention for it to be that way.  It’s just how I feel.  I’ve tried to bottle that honesty up and it just makes me frustrated/angry/sad, so why bother.  Just know that for the most part, it comes from a good place. I’m not a malicious person.

1.2 I don’t open up too often with stuff that truly bother me.  There’s like 3 people who’ve seen me cry.  I hope they don’t think I’m soft, but there are times I just need to get it all off my chest and have a good cry.

1.3 I don’t need your pity.  My life is not the easiest, but who’s is? Everyone has their own struggles.

1.4 I might seem snappy, but you don’t know that I have only had 5-hours sleep each night for the past week due to my franklin’s health problems and I’ve had to do double duty taking care of him and the kids.  I’m not a bitch.  I’m just tired.

make plans2. You make the plans – take that off my plate because I have to do it all the time

2.1 I have to make plans all the times to ensure everyone is taken care of.  Especially when Franklin is having a health issue.  Unfortunately, it’s more often than not.  Between his Kidney Failure health scares and Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis (EPS) episodes, I’ve had to make plans fast.  Child care for school and after hours, work, parking, dealing with emergency doctors for pain, dialysis, and treatment, etc.

2.2 This is no easy feat as I can also be picky and critical.

food to my heart

3. Food – a way to my heart is also through my belly

3.1 I love a good meal.  Especially if you cook it yourself.  It takes time, love, and effort.  I appreciate it.  But, feel obligated after.  Think it’s the Asian in me. LOL

3.2 Even if we go out to eat, I’m good with that too!  Good conversation, no hardship of cleaning up for anyone.


4. Passion –  Love what you are doing

4.1 I appreciate people who are driven by their passion.  Be it golfing, DJing, running, cooking, etc.  I find it inspiring.  It motivates me to follow my passion.  Be it the same or different, but I love surrounding myself with people who are passionate about something.   Just do you, boo boo.


5. Get it done

5.1 If you’re going to stay out late, go for it, but still get up and get your ass to work.  Out with the boys, In with the men.

5.2 Don’t cry you don’t have enough money when you keep buying bullshit rather than thinking of the big picture.

5.3 Sometimes it’s a lot of work, but just put your head down and get it done.


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