Who am I?

I am the wife to a husband who has End Stage Renal Disease (a.k.a. Kidney Failure, ESRD) and a mother to two children.

I have been with my loving husband for 20-yrs. TWENTY YEARS! Man, that’s a long time. Sure we broke up a few times in our younger years but, who doesn’t change when in high school and university. But, in the end, it just made us realize that we were right for each other. Also, we got married shortly before our first born arrived.  So, technically, we haven’t been married that long. There’s a few funny stories in there which I may share. And, NO, I didn’t need a shotgun & he didn’t drag me down the isle. HAHA

One of my 2011 New Year’s Resolution was to start a blog. So, here we are. I wanted to use this to vent, document my life to reflect later, and to share my life with hemodialysis and parenthood.

There will be funny, happy, sad, angry, boring and every other emotional story that will be my reality.

Thank you for reading and sign your donor card.

UPDATE:   This blog for me has evolved to help demystify Kidney Disease and Dialysis.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to ask anything!


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. My dear Lisa,

    After years of resisting having a Facebook account this morning I created one in order to see some of my longdistane friends pic. I am still trying to learn how the Facebook thing work, but it was an incredible nice surprice to be able to connect immediatelly with you and to find out that you have a blog. I am also planning to start one, I have been following some blogs lately and I am truly folling in love with it. I am starting to feel really connected with the bloggers I am reading, really knowing the people and sharing what is happening in their lives.

    I am so happy I had an opportunity to see your boys (at least in pictures). I miss you and would love to get together and hug you and your 3 guys.


    • NANCY!! So awesome to connect with you. I still reminisce about our weekly get togethers. Although it has been several months, I think of you and your family often. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Now that I’m on mat. leave, it will be easier to get down to see you in your new place. Ontario Place here we come! I would love to read your blog and keep up with your life. For me, it has served as a great outlet to help get those thoughts that constantly repeat themselves over and over.

      Remember to make sure your security on Facebook is restrictive and too open. i.e. only let your friends view your pictures, wall, information, etc

      Please give hugs and kisses to your little one and a high-five from Franklin to your Husband.

      Can’t wait for the hot weather to come. First on my list. Visit you guys!

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