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What’s your order?

Is it unreasonable to ask that the chef get your order right? You ask me how I’d like my food. I tell you. Now, as I wait for my food, my hunger pain sends expectations to my brain setting up for a certain food flavour. For example, if you order your steak medium done and they bring you medium rare, wouldn’t you send it back? Yeah, I could still eat it, but it will be a little disappointing. Right? I don’t mind a little pink in my steak, but not bloody.

Now, take this same experience with someone who asks you what you want for breakfast at home. You ask me how I’d like my pancakes (I make my own mix with whole wheat flour. See Homemade Pancake Mix post). I tell you I want blueberry pancakes. Now, as I wait for my food, my hunger pain sends expectations to my brain setting up for a certain food flavour. The blueberries will add fiber, anti-oxidants, and flavour since I don’t use syrup to help cut back on the calories. Especially, since I lost my weigh-in last week and this week is kinda iffy.

So, when I get pancakes with NO blueberries, I’m not completely grateful for the breakfast you’ve made. Just use syrup is the solution. WTH?!? It’s hard enough to try to eat better and less food. But, now you want me to use liquid sugar, be hungry in an hour and eat more food. Are you on my brother’s payroll to help me lose this week??

At least someone made me breakfast. I should be thankful and gracious and eat the damn pancakes. Which I did. (well, I ate the pancakes….:P)


If you want it done right, do it yourself.

Let’s just say, I made breakfast myself this morning. Thank you for your efforts, but I have too much to lose and cannot afford your mistake. My pride and $5 is on the line!


3 thoughts on “What’s your order?

  1. Your husband sounds like me..

    I have the best intentions but sometimes I do change the order on people.. and they end up eating it what I make.. Of course, I hear complaints.. My response? Awesome.. you can make it next time.. and I place my own request on what kind of food I want.. and remind them that with their high standards, my order should be correct!!

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