Layered Jello

Layered Jello – is so cool looking and tastes great! Ingredients: different jello flavours can of condensed milk gelatin package boiling water Instructions: 1. make one jello flavour as per package’s instructions 2. in another bowl, mix condensed milk and boiling water until well blended.  stir in gelatin package. 3. ladle jello into container, place … Continue reading

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whiners and complainers – STFU!

Po’ me.  I’m so broke I can’t afford the ‘o’ ‘r’. Priorities people.  Don’t spend all your dough on junk and then complain about your situation.  SAVE UP! Put down the cigarettes, try to brown bag lunch to work 2-3 times a week, skip the vacation to the all-inclusive/back home to the motherland/travel to see … Continue reading