Diet Dayz

Who’s going to win $5 this week?

I think I was mentally blocking out that I lost at the second weigh in.

So far, it’s been like this:

  1. I win $5!  I lost 7-lbs.  Brother lost 2-lbs.
  2. I gave his $5 back (sounds better than saying I lost).  I gained 1-lbs.  Brother lost 2-lbs.  It was the Jamaican Food! (read about it here) note:  when I weighed myself the next morning, I ‘lost’ that 1-lb.
  3. Who will take it this week??

Now, I had a huge Chinese New Year feast yesterday.   I had Harvey’s for lunch the other day.  Only had a burger (took off the bottom bun!), nibbled a bit on The Husband’s poutine, and drank water.   It’s not looking good.  My weight hasn’t changed!  Happy that I haven’t gained, but that’s not good enough for a win.

I’m just going to have to Zumba my a$$ off, maybe hit the rowing machine for some extra calorie inferno time, and keep the garbage out of my mouth.


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