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Laughter – The Best Medicine

When I get home today I ring the doorbell instead of digging for my keys.  No answer.  Guess no one is downstairs.  Hope I haven’t woken anyone up from their nap!

I dig through my purse and come up with receipts, pens, candy, toys, ziplock bag of cereal, work stuff, a book, crayons, train schedule, my phone and some junk.  Ugh.  Where are the keys?

When I finally find them I quietly open the door like a ninja.  I am welcomed with the most glorious sounds.  My husband and children and playing upstairs.  And by the belly laughs I hear it’s an amazing time.  DING! DING! DING! I WIN DAD!!

The joy I feel to hear them playing together when only a few days earlier it was a completely different story.  Do they realize the severity of what happened a few days ago?  I don’t even want to think about it.

I sneak upstairs and just watch them from the doorway.  They are all laughing and rough housing.  They finally notice me.

Hi Mom!

Who’s winning?

“ME! ME!”, everyone yells.

I don’t think SO!  Mama is HERE!

Who am I kidding.  Boys play rough.  I relent to their tag team efforts and a crocked ‘ref’.

You guys are too rough!

We’re boys, mooooooooooom.  That’s what we do.

Now they both team up against Franklin and he’s beating them both.

I love it.  I will cherish this moment and lock it into my heart forever.  It’s the crazy contrast of the husband practically bleeding out and the joyous laughter of play that is the epitome of living life one day at a time.  When there are bad days, I pray and stay hopeful that this too shall pass.  And when there are good days, take advantage of them and spend it with family, friends, and have the good times.

Today was a good day.



2 thoughts on “Laughter – The Best Medicine

    • thank YOU for taking the time to read, but also for commenting. I really appreciate it. it feels so easy to write about the ugly, but I really should take the time to savour the beautiful. like spending time with you! the boys always associate good times with their favourite yee-yee

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