30 day writing challenge

Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself – Day 26

Again, another challenging topic.  What I like and dislike about other people is easy.  I like kindness, empathy, generosity, humour, and confidence, amongst many other things about people.  I dislike mean, stupid, cheap, and conceited people.  There’s a fine line between confidence and being conceited, but I digress.

What I like about myself:

  • honesty
    • you asked!  so don’t expect sugar-coating b.s.
  • quick thinking in an emergency
    • I’m sure I’ve saved Franklin’s life more than once
  • thoughtful
    • if you rub your arms to warm yourself up, I will instantly turn on the car heater, offer you a hot beverage or sweater, without you having to ask or say anything

What I dislike about myself:

  • put myself last on the list
    • I really need to put myself somewhere on the priority.  Between my 3 hours of commuting, kids activities, husband, dad, groceries, laundry, and being mentally and physically exhausted, I feel like I should be able to do more.  A girls night even once a month seems like too much to take away from all the other things.
  • over-thinking a situation
    • I’ve already blogged by my Paralysis by Analysis.  Even just changing my phone plan is taking me too long.  In a way it’s good Franklin will pull the trigger when I’m not ready.  Or I’ll buy 2 tops in different colours because I can’t decide.
  • put more time/effort into my friendships
    • I have met many amazing women who have extended their love and friendship.  I wish I wouldn’t always put everything else first and cultivate their friendship more.  Girls, don’t let go.  I’ll holla back. I promise!
  • I don’t ask for help even if I need it
    • I am blessed to have those who care that offer help, but I will never call on them.  I run myself ragged and have a few grey hairs to show for it.  I should just ask or just accept the help when it’s offered/given.  I don’t have to do it all on my own.  My family will offer help, but I don’t want them to think I can’t do it.  Not sure if it’s pride, shame, selfishness, or stupidity.  I’d rather go without then ask for help.

There’s more, but the dislike column was way too easy.  And I’d like to enjoy the rest of the afternoon than spend another thought on that.




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