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Hell and Back…another Emergency Day 3

It’s Saturday and I don’t have to work.  I was going to ask the kids’ Godmother and my nieces to watch the boys, but my parents know that the baby is going to cry.  Last time I left them there the youngest would grab the older boy’s hand and drag him to the door.  He’d pick up his coat and stand at the door crying.  He will eventually stop crying, as most kids will, but my parents don’t want the boys to cry.  Such the loving grandparents.   Me, I don’t worry about that.   They are in excellent hands of those who love them.

Since I will take the kids again to my parents and Franklin’s mom will be going during the day, I keep them until 5pm.  While we’re home I get 3 loads of laundry done, change the sheets on everyone’s bed, sweep the main floor, wash 2 loads of dishes, and put away toys on the main floor and in the kids’ room.    Squeeze in a nap and then I’m on my way down to see him.

He has not requested anymore morphine and starts to pass some gas, which is a good sign.  So, the doctor’s allow him some food to see how that digests.  He actually likes hospital food.  Sorta speaks to my cooking skills, but whatever.  I have strengths in other areas. LOL.  He’s looking forward to some food this Saturday night since he hasn’t eaten anything since Wednesday.  So, the plan is, he eats dinner then head down for his 6pm dialysis treatment.

And don’t you know it.  They come early to get him at 5:15pm instead.  Dinner has not been delivered yet.  No food again.  Last time they were late when he was over-loaded with liquids he had difficulty breathing and he told me to gt a wheelchair to bring him down.  Now they are too early.  Considering he won’t finish until after 10pm, the hospital stay just got bumpy.   It might seem small to us, but you try not eating for 3 DAYS and miss out on food you are finally allowed to eat, and tell me how you would feel.

I stay with him till 9:30pm and boot it back to get the kids at 10:30pm.   Everyone is tired.  The kids are sleeping and my parents look so tired too.

God, I feel so guilty.

Anyone pack and unpack 2 sleeping toddlers  on their own?  Earned another mom badge for that.


2 thoughts on “Hell and Back…another Emergency Day 3

  1. I know girl!!!! Packing and unpacking two sleeping toddlers is always hard ~ there is never an easier way to do it by yourself. You should write a book about all these things people forget to tell you about!!!!

    • thanks Andrea! think you meant to post this on the Jet Lag post, but it’s all good. thanks for reading! traveling with young children requires patience of a saint and being able to stay awake without drugs for days on end. LOL great idea for another post though…there were some things people didn’t tell me that are still eye openers to this day!

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