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Hell and Back…another Emergency Day 4

I was happy to hear at 7am he had a bowl movement last night and was still feeling not-deathly-ill.  It’s not ‘good’, but better than ‘need morphine’, so they’re sending him home.  I think he should stay one more day.  One more meal.   One more day of observation.  By 8:30am He’s coming home!  I’m not their to raise my concerns and receive the death glare from Franklin as I ask the questions that may extend his stay, so I can only act on what he tells me.

I figure I’ll ask my parents to watch the kids for just a couple of hours while I pick him up.  I could bring them, but they’ll be loud, and after Franklin’s stay and his not-deathly-ill feeling, it’s better if I go on my own.  It takes me and the hubby an hour to get both kids ready, so me doing it on my own takes that much longer.  Diaper change, clothes, shoes, coats, etc.  I suck.  By the time I’m ready I call to say I’m coming to drop them off.  They’re not home! Ugh!  Are they allowed to have a life?!?  They’ll be back in an hour.  Franklin calls and freaks that I’m still home.  I’m trying my best to get down there as fast as I can jerk!  But, I don’t have a chance to say that since he’s hung up on me.

I call to ask my cousin who lives across the street from the ‘rents to watch the kids for 45 minutes till my parents get back.  No answer on her cell.  Call her house and my uncle calls for her upstairs.  No answer.  She’s taking a shower.  Ah F-it.  I’ll bring the kids.  She calls as I am in the car and asks what’s up.  She’ll watch them.  She doesn’t have plans until the afternoon.  Perfect!  But, as soon as I get the kids in the door, the baby smells the abandonment.  He’s crying.  Wont’ leave my side.  Great.  I suggest she take them to the park near by and that should distract him.  We start walking over and I can fade back without him noticing.

I’m on my way!  He has text me a nasty message.  He calls to ask where I am and hangs up when he finds out I’m still on the highway.  Whatever.  I can’t do shit all about it, so I let it all roll off my back.

When he gets in the car I have to stop for him to puke.  Why didn’t I bring some plastic bags?!?  More driving and pulling over 2 more times.  As I am pulled over just before a light, a guy pulls up beside me and just shakes his head.  I just think to myself “you have no idea” and shake my own head at him.  We finally get home and he instantly collapses into bed and stays for the whole day.

By evening he has a bit of congee my mom made him.

We live to fight another day.


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