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Chapter 1 – Page 2

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D’oh!  Not you!  You might be cute pal, but cute don’t pay the mortgage.  So, Mr. Morning Distraction, you are now just the jerk who can’t decide on the basics of life who is going to make me late.  grrrrr!

“Sorry.  I can’t decide. What are you going to have?”, he asks.

“Tall, non-fat, decaf, caramel macchiato”, I say with my tight-lipped half-smile, that is supposed to hide my frustration.  Although, I’m sure not very well.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and it’s a love/hate thing.

“Sounds good.  Make that two, but make one of them full-fat and not decaf, please”, he says with that boyish grin that makes the cashier giggle.  I’m sure she would huff and puff while rolling her eyes trying to recap his full -fat, not decaf ‘same’ if it was anyone else.

It takes more than ordering my drink to impress me.  Not that I’m not feeling a little tingle with this flirty act that includes free coffee by Mr. Morning Distraction.  Is it him or the free coffee.  I suspect free coffee.  We wait for our coffees and I’m not sure what to say.  I can’t really ignore someone after they buy you coffee, can you?  I know, I’ll just pay him for my coffee then I won’t have to feel any obligation or gratitude to him.

“Here ya go.  Thanks for ordering for me.  Kinda in a rush”.  Gaaad.  I sound like such a biatch.  I know I should just say ‘thank you’ as if this happens all the time.  That’s what all the chicks in my chick-lit books do.

“Please, it’s on me.  I’m sure I’ll have it down pat by this afternoon.” with that same disarming smile from the GO Train.  “haha”, gaad.  now I sound like such a tool laughing at his lameness.  Where the hell is the coffee!

Tall non-fat, decaf caramel macchiato!

“That’s me.  Thanks so much, but I really have to go”.  And I’m outta there.  I’m not sure what he said because I’m enveloped in the masses as we all do the quick shuffle in the underground walkway to our cubicle cells.

Buzz.  Jingle.  Buzz.  Jingle.  Aaah.  Text messages from the BFF. No time.  Must review numbers before meeting and make some talking points.  Whoever schedules Monday morning meetings at 9am are just sadists.  Arrgg.  Numbers.  What to make for dinner?  Laundry HAS TO get done since the kids ran out of underwear.  Have to get back to that client.  What is the timeline for that rollout again?  Need to pick up some more milk and fruit.  If I skip the milk and fruit for the kids could I afford those Manolo Blahnik shoes?

I breeze through the office and take my first sip of liquid sanity.  Mmmm.  Coffee.  All is right in the world.  Good morning (Bobblehead..hehe).  Good morning buddy.  Head nod to the people who are not within spitting distance.   Not even the usual gang of idiots are going to bother me today.  My coffee is hot and delicious.  Just like the gent who got it for me.

Now to tackle the gajillion emails and review those numbers.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Page 2

    • nah. i don’t think she’ll cheat. or should she? hmm…i’m leaning towards no…but, not really sure where the story should go next.

      should coffeeguy come back? i think so. as a client? a co-worker? someone she only sees on the GO Train? as the new neighbour at home? as the niece’s co-op school buddy?!? haha
      what do you think?

  1. If he’s in the beginning usually he’s a recurring character, which means she’ll cheat and then she and her husband find love again then everything will be happy coffeeguy goes away, the enddddd

    • wow. i guess you have it all figured out. you’ve read too many of these books too! lol

      i think my girl is not a cheater. i just can’t write from that perspective. and i think she is already in love with her husband. not sure what to do with the coffeeguy yet. any thoughts?

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