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Irresponsible dog owners and their Nasty Nuggets

I see some dude with his kid walking their dog and I wonder what type of parenting he’s practicing.   Their dog poops on somebody’s lawn and they keep walking without picking it up.  GRRR!!  If you can’t take care of your pet’s crap, then don’t own one.  Now, you are teaching your kid that it’s ok to vandalize people’s property.  I particularly hate irresponsible pet owners because our beautiful lawn has a couple of burnt patches.  And when my kids run and fall through the grass I’m always on the look out for nasty nuggets from these idiots.   Ok.  That rant might be more about feckless dog owners, but you stick a kid in the mix learning this behaviour, than parents should be responsible.   Buy me new sod you jerkstore!

My husband works hard on our lush green grass.  Personally, I think it’s so he can ‘get away’ from watching the kids and have some solitude with his greenery.   I prefer a bath, he prefers to mow and water the lawn.   To  each his own.

I don’t usually say anything.  But, just the other day I ‘lost it’ on someone.  Very un-suburbia of me.  But, dude didn’t pick up and he was on the path close to the park.  Mother Sucker kids run around here!  It started off as a snide comment and within two steps turned to a WTF A-hole?!  Not my proudest moment.  A defense of ‘no bag’ is no  excuse in my court of judgment.  How do you go walking with your dog with only one bag?  $hit happens.  Literally. LOL  I dump out stuff and give him my plastic bag.  It’s hard to yell at someone who’s sorry and doesn’t normally do this.  It still doesn’t change my frustration to these irresponsible dog owners.

Just the other day I was getting the kids out of the car.  Of course my big boy forgot a toy in the car, so I put little boy in his bucket seat on the drive way and go back to get it.   Along comes a big dog.  I quickly go to get the baby off the ground and Big Boy is wrapped around my leg.  This dog is close and barking.  We’re all scared.  There’s no owner in sight.  I tell Big Boy to just calmly walk up the stairs.  The dog comes up sniffing.  Big Boy is scared and doesn’t want to move.  Where the hell is this dog’s owner?!

How about those annoying yappy dogs.  Who dresses their dog?!  But, I guess it’s a substitute for a child.  Not everyone can have kids, nor do some even want them.  Little do they know these dogs never grow out of their ‘diapers’.  They’ll be picking up poop for the rest of their dogs live’s.   If they are a good ‘parent’.

I guess it’s obvious I’ve never owned a dog in my adult life.  In J.A. we owned a few.  But, they served a purpose.  They were guard dogs.  I just can’t get over the thought of having to pick up their poop.  Or that their poop is on their fur and then they come and sit on your furniture/carpet/lap.  Gross!

Good pet owners have obedient dogs.  Dogs that bite, bark, and run wild is a reflection of their nature and nurture.  Wonder if the same could be said about humans.  Hmmm.  Perhaps another blog post to reflect whether parents should be responsible for their children’s actions.


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