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Too Late to be Calling

A drunken dial at 12:30am?!  Really??  Come on, dude.  It’s one thing to be leaving a message on my cell phone, but it’s just disrespectful to be ringing up my house when my babies are asleep with your dramatics.  You are not even family nor a friend.  You are an acquaintance who’s trying to leap and bound into my inner circle when I barely know you.  If that’s not wrong enough, you call another day at 8:10am.  When I get calls this late or this early I immediately worry it’s some emergency from a loved one.  Why else will someone be calling at these ridiculous hours?  Then you do a drop-in in the middle of the afternoon pissed drunk.  I do not want my children around that.  Nor do I want to be around that.   Have a pint or three on a patio on a beautiful sunny day.  But, don’t just drop by, slurring your words and staggering at 3pm on my doorstep Mr. Acquaintance.

Don’t get me wrong.  In my youth and single days, the late calls would be fine.  Depending on the party, nobody heading out until after 12am anyway.  But, I’m married with children now.  Nobody pre-drinking, gettin’ dressed to impress, and hangin’ with their peoples before heading out, up in this crib.   How about I call you at 5:30am ish when my baby awakens and ring you down?

If my family needs me, I don’t care what time it is.  Call me.  Nieces and cousins, this means YOU!  I’d rather you wake me up and call if you feel things are about to start to get out of hand.  Your ride home starts drinking?  Some dude starting to make you feel uncomfortable and aggressive?  You stuck in the middle of nowhere and have no way of getting home?  A bunch of cowards are gathering and you feel like you might get jumped?  CALL ME  or CALL 911!  There is no restriction of time when you are in need my dear loved ones.

Now for those who call 10 times a day, just leave a  message!  I might be taking a rare nap with the kids and can’t come to the phone.  I don’t need to hear it ring 3 times in an hour.  If it’s an emergency then by all means.  Keep calling to wake me up.  But, when I wake up to answer, it’s not an emergency.  I’m pissed!  Just because you are family doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have boundaries.  grrr..

I’ve had telemarketers call several days in a row to buy long distance.  I asked to be taken off their calling list.  I listed my number for the do-not-call list.  I try to just be respectful and calmly, but firmly say I’m not interested.  But, by the 5th day in a row, I’m just going to hang up.  By the 7th-day I’m being rude.   By the 9-th day I’m yelling at you to stop F’ing calling!  Poor Telemarketer.  Your job sucks.  It’s an automatic dialer that calls.  You get verbally abused and hated.  Hopefully, it spurns you on to get a better job or more education.

When is it too late to be calling?  I know you just want to chat, but didn’t your mother teach you any respect?

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