Diet Dayz

Fish and Chips Diet

Is your partner dieting?  Is it tough?  I’ve documented some of my own dieting dramatics like how Franklin f-uped my breakfast order and I was kinda pissed about it post, temptations, and my biggest loser challenges from the beginning, a few of my loses, and my couple of wins.  The Diet Days have not been easy.

What makes it even more difficult is my ‘supportive’ husband.  His weight has  been all over the map for years in direct correlation to his health and kidney problems.  He has been as low as 120-lbs to 170-lbs.  Right now, we’re in better days, so he is not on his mega restrictive potassium-phosphate-sodium-calcium-protein balanced diet.  It’s a lot harder than you realize when you can’t even eat too many bananas, canned anything (even sauce has a lot of salt), ice cream, potatoes, etc  So, eating Popeyes, Swiss Chalet, McDonald’s and the like is second nature for him now that he  can.

We should cook more often at home.  But, now that I’m on maternity leave, cooking EVERY meal can be too much work and I’m just not that good of a cook.  I ask him what he wants to do for dinner he says “how about fish and chips?” I kind of just LOST IT!  Dude, I’m on a diet!!  Do you know what that means?  UGGHH!  Do you know what being SUPPORTIVE means?  It means not suggesting deep-fried for our meal.  It means getting my order right for breakfast so I’m eating healthier instead of dripping liquid sugar all over it.  It means eating the healthy crap with me.  Yeah, I know I’m being a bit ‘extra’, but being hungry all the time gets some getting used to.  No wonder they call big people ‘jolly’.  They are happy from all the food they are eating.

When I’m back to my pre-baby weight (never quite lost it all from baby 1 so before baby 2 I was already behind the 8-ball) and sporting some hoe-esque inspired outfit for his eyes only, he’ll realize all my unpleasantness was worth it.

Now go peel me some carrots!  MaMa needs a snack!


2 thoughts on “Fish and Chips Diet

  1. “sporting some hoe-esque inspired outfit”

    you never cease to amaze me. i also approve of your use of extra. jamaicans forever.

    • you read?! schweet! thanks for taking the time to read the blog of a beautiful crazy woman.

      awwww JT….you be bringing hoe-esque in your 3-piece suits on Bay street…and thanks for your approval…sometimes you need someone to confirm you are not crazy 🙂

      can’t wait to come back and do lunch….Moroccan again? One Love

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