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Biggest Loser Update – I’m $5 Richer! W00t!!

I walk through the door and the mind battle begins.  He wants to do the weigh-in right away.  “Come on, lets weigh-in!  You’re going down.”  Considering he lost 5-lbs last weigh-in I wasn’t feeling too confidant.  It doesn’t help when I hear Franklin says “hey, you lost weight.  your belly isn’t hanging over your pants anymore”.  My husband speaks my family’s language. haha  I suggest we just end this contest.  It is hard and losing sucks.  Dad of course yanks me back to why I’m doing this.  It doesn’t matter if I lose $5.  If I lose weight I’ve ”won’.  Yeah, whatever (in petulant child tone).

We go make our rounds around the house to say hello to everyone first.  Once into the kitchen I see my mom is cooking up one of my favourites amongst many good dishes.  Curry beef (THE best), jerk pork, baby bok choy, cashew chicken, deep fried shrimp wontons, and one of my niece’s favourite (not sure what it’s called). I wanted to nibble while we waited for everyone else to arrive because it’s my day to not hold back and feast on mom’s delicious home cooking.

Let’s DO THIS!!  Come on fat boy, lets weigh-in.  I wanna eat!  I’m on the scale & I think I’m haven’t gained or lost from last time.  Come on. Come on.  Let’s get it over with.  Before he even comes into the bathroom (because no one else is allowed to know my weight.  Gotta keep the husband disillusioned)  he’s admitted defeat and given Franklin $5.  Dough Boy has gained 3-lbs.  mawhahaha  After updating our log book I see I’ve LOST 2-lbs.  W00t!

It is still hard to be mindful of not indulging so often.  It has become easier to eat more veggies (if it’s there).  I try to fill up on that so I’m not overloading on carbs, sugar, and fat.  I realise now that I love carbs.  Rice (of course), pasta, potato, or bread.  One of those is in every meal and has so much calories.

I added 20-minute rowing sessions to my calorie burning repertoire (thanks Mike from pirates and ninjas for the blog shout out, or should I be giving thanks to the Word of the Day calendar).  It’s not consistent.  IF my favourite brother is home, then I’ll head over with Marcus to sing/yell off-key and burn off just under 200 calories.  I tried going over on my own, but Marcus says it’s ‘too loud’ and wants me to go upstairs with him.  So, not helpful.

I will gloat while I can.  I just had an Egg McMuffin combo (no cheese, no butter).  I earned it (in self-righteous-next-weeks-payer tone)!

Now, to go bake Banana Bread with The Boy.


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