Writing Challenge – Round 2 – Day 10 – Describe Your Current Self in Four Words

Im trying to stay motivated to keep up with this writing challenge. Utilizing my commute to write. But I’m starting to waver on this too. I just want to crochet, watch Netflix, surf the net or listen to music and play games. Skipping challenge 5-7 helped me be “up-to-date” 😂 Hopefully, I will chug along. Hope you enjoy reading! A like or a comment is a motivator to keep me engaged. Hint hint 😄

So, this one should be easier right?

Describe Your Current Self in Four Words

Ummm…not so much. I had to really think about it. And they all just seemed sad and depressing.

  • Tired – mind, body and soul
  • Bored – I need to make the time to do stuff
  • Fat – I need to get moving
  • Lazy – I don’t wanna do anything
  • Burnt out 🔥

When I see all that my first word to describe my current self is


I am eating so many Brussel sprouts for lunch (thanks Nicole and LD for the right word!)


I am obsessed with doing it all. Work. Wife. Mom. No matter the challenge I get it done. At the sacrifice of my own well being at times, but bills need to be paid, kids need to be loved and husband needs support. I am the calm in the hurricane of crazy. Instead of obsessing over family, I’ll take off one of the hats and just be responsible for me.


I don’t give a fukc. It’s easier this way sometimes. Did I say something that made you uncomfortable? The verble filter is not always on and I just don’t wanna know. I will drop bombs and walk away. I just gotta do me.


I get shit done. Everyday. All day. Not well sometimes 😂 but it gets done.

So basically, I’m a G.O.O.D


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