Diet Dayz

Fasting – Day 6 and 7

Day 6 was a total fail. I was working from home at the last minute to support the hubby (read about it here) and I just ate when I wanted and whatever was available. I did stop eating at 8pm, so there’s that.

Day 7

It was better today. I packed my roasted veggies with some garlic hummus, an apple, some grapes, a package of seaweed and cheese balls (damn you Costco cheeseball purchase!). I only ate the veggies, a few grapes, a few cheese balls and 1.2 L of water.

Confession: Boss lady brought in a box of presidents choice chocolate covered cookies and I ate 4. I held off for a long time. But once I ate one it was all over. It didn’t help it was right next to me. If it was further away I wouldn’t walk over several times and look like a piggy. I sneakily got them and was secretly a piggy 🐷

I had a Chai tea with milk. And drank that until 11:30 before I chowed down on the roasted veggies and hummus. So a win in my books. Now if I can stop eating by 8pm tonight. Fingers crossed!

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