The Grind

Maternity Leave is Over – Day 9

Whine alert. Proceed reading if you want to chuckle at the sh!t show that was my morning.

This mornings dramatics starts as soon as I open my eyes. My alarm and 3 back up alarms all fail me.

  1. My body failed to wake me up. Why body?! You wake me up on the weekend. You team up with my mind to even dream me awake. Your persistence knows no bounds.
  2. My 2 phone alarms failed me. I have 2 scheduled alarms so I can cancel one if I don’t want to do full glamour and sleep in the extra 15 minutes. Which is every. Single. Time. The battery died over night so, no amount of alarms would have helped.
  3. The hubby failed me. He did not roll over and try and dry hump me awake like every other day. Depending on the day it’s not always welcome, but it would have helped both of us today 😂
  4. The children didn’t really fail me. Their clock seemed to run right on schedule. Sleep too long during the week that we have to wake them up 700 times to get to school and up at 6 am on the weekend to play. Ugh….kids 😘

I can still do this. I packed lunch last night. I have several fashionable work outfits to choose from. I washed my hair yesterday. Just brush my teeth and roll out, right? Nope. My belly is gurgling and trying to converse with me to get to the bathroom. But like a random get together of moms you meet online for play dates who are eager to get out of the house and socialize, not too much is being said. My belly and toilet don’t interact much either. I don’t know why. I drank copious amounts of water, only had 2 cappuccinos, ate a salad for lunch and only had 1 cup of rice and 2 pieces of cha sui (Chinese BBQ pork) for dinner. I sit for so long thinking things are moving along that I wonder if I should just give up or run the risk of hemorrhoids. Some type of time warp must have happened because when I get into the bedroom to get dressed the clock tells me I’m going to miss my train. This is where getting to work earlier finally works in my favor. Even taking the next train I’ll only be 3 minutes late instead of the normal 30 minutes early.

I’ve got time. So I use the opportunity to catch up and snuggle with the hubby. I’m so tired when I get home and it’s all about the kids for me. And for him too. He wants a break to decompress from his dialysis job, baby all day, big kids and their kidness he drove to Walmart to get some arbitrary item just to get away 😂 #suburbanDadLife

We catch up and enjoy the connecting that the next thing I know I’m rushing AF again. Hubby is always about the weather since he associates it with possible golfing. When he says it will be fine out since it will hit 20s I put on a nice dress. Figured I better wear it now as warm days will fade fast with autumn at our door. Big mistake. It’s freaking drizzling out, windy and grey out. I’ve got my yellow, grey and white dress with flip flops on. FAK! I’m already close to missing the train….again. No turning back now. I grab a shawl at the door and head out.

I make it with 2 minutes to spare sans lunch, make up and gym bag. #Winning


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