Free Pattern: Crochet Women’s Swirly Brimmed Hat

Classy Crochet

Hello friends.  I’m ready to share a confession with you.  We’re in a safe place (the whole wide Internet), right…?  Sometimes (well, a lot of times) I peruse commercial clothing sites and reverse engineer my favorite hat styles.  I even have a list entitled “hat knockoffs”, with plenty of patterns-in-progress to share with all of you.

Today’s pattern is based off of this hat I found on REI.

Free Pattern: Crochet Women's Brimmed Cap | Classy Crochet  Free Pattern: Crochet Women's Brimmed Cap | Classy Crochet

When I saw this, my first thought was, this is easy.  This is just a slight modification to the world famous crocheted Divine Hat by Rheatheylia.  If you have ever looked up ‘free crochet hat pattern’ online, you have most likely seen this hat.  So please, know that I am NOT trying to publish my own pattern, or a “brand new pattern” here.  I am taking a perennial crochet favorite and updating it with chunky yarn and adding a brim…

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