A Quick Note – Remembering to Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about anything.  Be it about a recipe I’ve made, a crochet pattern I’ve found or the crazy life of being the wife to a wonderful husband who is on dialysis or mom trying her best to guide them to being decent human beings.

My lovely niece mentioned she was reading back on some old posts of mind and brought up a great memory of when the kids were really little.  I loved that feeling in my mind and heart.  The love that filled me as I reminisce of those early years of their lives.  And that just sparked the love of writing back into my desires.

I enjoy writing.  But, as I look back to older posts I see that it was so easy to pour out my feelings when times were tough.  I had to get those emotions out because it was becoming too much.  Franklin’s last obstruction was the scariest and I wanted to get it onto paper and out of the recording that plays over and over in my mind when I try to sleep.

Thankfully, Franklin is doing well and I do not have heavy emotions to bear.   I still want to write for the enjoyment of writing.  Maybe another Commuting Rant?  Expose of family drama?  Sharing a piece of me and what I hope and afraid for in 2017?  I’m not sure yet.  Maybe another blog challenge where they give you the topics will make this easier.

If you’re reading this, vote below and give me an idea what you’d like to read!


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