From Yarn To Perfection

Some people see plain yarn, but I see so many possibilities.  Scarf? Cowl? Shawl? But most likely a hat.  I love making hats!  They are a fast project compared to others and I need to see the progress and completion fairly quickly to keep me motivated to continue crocheting.

I look at yarn and the possibilities are almost overwhelming, but very exciting. I feel like an artist looking at a blank canvas feeling my creativity in my mind,  body and soul.

  • What order to put the colours?
  • Slouchy or beanie?
  • Stitches to use?
  • Pom pom or flower or buttons or bow or beads for embellishment? Or none at all??

The power to take plain yarn and make something beautiful….to design…to create.


Planning to do another houndstooth hat with the beautiful dark mercury grey and some pinks. So many choices.

houndstooth hats

There are other crochet projects that are higher priority.  A work sock inspired beanie for my darling niece.  My pattern that I’ve designed for sale.   But, I’m just not motivated.   I’m starting to get caught up with too much choices and decisions.  So, figured I’ll make this adorable houndstooth stitch hat and get motivated again.   Sorry for the delay J!  I haven’t lost interest in you,  of course. You and N are on my darlings! I just need to recharge my crochet MOJO first.

Your hat soon come xoxo

Now to find some time and inclination to crocher.


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