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Crochet Designer – The Beginning

I have found my passion to crochet again.  I’ve always enjoyed crocheting, but it’s off and on.  I was into hats and coffee cozies big time and made tons of character inspired ones.  It was nice to earn a little extra cash to help offset the cost of life and the kids activities.

I fell off the wagon for a bit when it became more stressful than enjoyable.  Custom orders.  Deadlines.  Work. Commute.  Kids.  Family.  Couple all of those things with the hubby’s health issues and my lack of sleep, it was starting to take it’s toll on me.  So no more orders.  I just sold what I had and that was it.

I found some great patterns for free and feel back in love.

There are basically 2 parts when making a hat.  A band and a body (length can dictate if it’s a beanie or slouchy style).  You have embellishments of a brim, pompom, etc.  So, I took this idea and designed my own hat with the intention of selling it.

This post will be a series to document the process of it all.  Topics include:

  • Writing the pattern
    • crochet instruction standards
    • format
    • copy right protection
  • Testing
    • picking quality people
    • getting feedback
    • revising pattern
    • retesting
    • size
  • Sales Research
    • where to sell – Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy
    • price point
    • selling features
    • how to receive payment
  • Branding
    • pattern
      • name
      • description
    • online store
      • name description
    • logo

Note:  I have not posted any image of the hat I’ve designed yet. Stay tuned!


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