Diet Dayz

Trying to Lose Weight – Again – Day 1

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat all the stuff I shouldn’t.  Instead I tried to make better choices.

This morning we went to our local greasy spoon.

  • I got tea instead of coffee.  And a glass of water.
  • Used only one creamette instead of two.
  • Used a half teaspoon of sugar instead of my usual two.
  • Got my eggs poached instead of my usual over easy.
  • Got rye bread instead of the bigger brown.  No butter as usual, but did put jam on it.  Only ate 3/4 of the two slices.  I should have only gotten one egg, but I was so hungry.  When I heard the ‘skinny’ girl at the next table only order one egg, I knew I made the wrong choice.
  • I did eat all 4 slices of my bacon.  It’s bacon.  Who can resist??  I guess I could have ordered the peameal bacon instead.  It’s day one.  Baby steps…
  • Franklin ordered a ceasar salad since his stomach was feeling all weird.  He only ate 3/4 of it.  I ate the rest.  I figure it would count towards my vegetable intake and it was only lightly dressed.  I should have left the croutons.  But I ate all that was left.

Then it was off to Ikea to look for a metal shelf.  I wanted to organize Franklin’s supply room.  If you’ve ever been to Ikea you know you have to walk through the place before getting to the end.  All that walking and trying to reign in the kids should count for some walking.

When we finally got home Franklin was exhausted.  He went upstairs to take a nap.  Thankfully my favourite best cousin, Suze, was with us.  We chilled with a Blue Mountain coffee with coconut milk and a bit of 10% cream and sugar.  I only drank 1/2 a cup.   I do eat some tortilla scoops, a 90-calorie Nature Valley chocolate covered granola thins, and grapes.  I am not hungry but I am feeling snackerlicious.

Suze is a saint.  She came over today because she was going to help me tackle the mountain of clothes in the diaper room.  I still had clothes that were 0-3 months lying around!  Two huge garbage bags later it’s time for a break.  Do some dishes, make some rice, and eat a frozen melon popcycle for a nice treat.  Next we were tearing down the crib.  The kids are all over us.  I am starting to get sweaty.  This has to count for some sort of physical activity.  I am done mentally.  I don’t want to do deal with this room anymore.

We go downstairs to eat.  Franklin finally wakes up.  FIVE hours later.  He’s still groggy, but we had plans to take the kids swimming and get some distance swim in too.  With three adults and two kids we can take turns getting some laps in while the kids get their swim time too in the kiddy pool.  Not only do we all get some exercise, but the kids can have fun AND they’ll be exhausted after.  If you are a parent, you can appreciate what a bonus that is.

I get about 15 laps in.  I brought grapes for our snack after because who isn’t starving after swimming?

The kids are hungry when we get home.  So I make them another bowl of food.  They only eat half each.  I eat the other half.  I wish I could say that this morning balances out this late night eating, but it doesn’t.  Eating this late in the night just before I go to bed is the worst thing I could do.

Good:  I made better choices in food this morning.  I got some exercise.

Bad:  I ate tortilla scoops, granola bar, creamy melon popcycle, and ate late at night just before sleeping.

Try again tomorrow.


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