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Trying to Lose Weight – Again – Day 0

I went to one of my Shanghai  dumpling joints and the waitress kept going on how I had lost so much weight.  That she didn’t recognize me.  Really?!  It’s a thin line between flattery and insult.  I’d rather err on the side of flattery.  I have lost 30-lbs since the original Biggest Loser contest I had with my brother.  The irony is a number of people have told me I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight besides her.  Thank  you for the compliments, but did I look that gross before??

I have gained back about 5-10 lbs depending on the day I weight myself.  As I mentioned before about my job search I move around even less.  At least running for the GO train gave me some exercise.  So, with my cousin Suez also on the weight loss gumption, I am back on the wagon.  I was also inspired to try to shed some pounds from a new blog follower No ‘FRIES’ for 365.  He’s also on a life style change and knowing my weakness for all things fried, gave me another boost to get back on the healthy living kick.

It’s easy to say just one cupcake.  Just one chocolate bar.  Just a few chips.  Especially when Aunt Flo come around I crave chocolate like no personal strength can defeat.  There are many tips, but the one that works for me is not eating past 8pm.  Preferably 7pm, but that’s hard.  I know that works for sure because even on the cruise I went on this summer and the 3 course gourmet meals every night, many which I ordered more than one entrée to share family style, I didn’t gain any weight.  We had the 6pm dinner schedule so that helped.  Even with occasional late night room service, I was able to burn it off with all the walking and tours we did everyday.

Even without exercise if I cut out the fast food, the sugary treats of cake, chocolate, and cookies, I’ll probably lose a pound or two.  I don’t drink soda, so that’ not a crutch for me.  I prefer water, so I’m already a step ahead.  These are the tips I learned from the last time that worked for me:

  1. Drink a glass or two of water with each meal and a glass in between
  2. Don’t buy any garbage snacks – if they’re in the house I will eat it
  3. Don’t eat fast food – Subway if I need it.  No cheese (which I do anyway.  it’s processed, doesn’t add much but calories) and get honey mustard dressing with tons of veggies
  4. Stop eating the rest of the food the kids don’t finish.  I call that the mom diet when I ate all their left overs.
  5. Snack on fruits and veggies.  Keep it chopped and ready to go in the fridge.  If you have to wash and cut it to eat, I’ll just grab something more ‘convenient’.

I’m not going to do Zumba like last time.  It’s going to be swimming!  Love that it works the cardio angle and tones all over without sweating.  Sure it sucks getting wet in the winter, but dry off and it’s all good.  It’s 8am or 9pm starts, which is brutal, but as long as Suez comes gets me I’ll be there.  I don’t want to let her down.  I need a partner.  It’s easy for me to just say it’s too late, too cold, too tired, too lazy…

Let’s do this!


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