Toilette humour

Toilette Training – Fail 1

Baby 2 wanted to wear underwear.  SCHWEET!  It’s like he’s toilette training himself.

I started putting it on over his diapers.  Just so he can get used to it.   Then I took away the diaper.  But within 30 minutes I see a big puddle on the floor.  I asked my eldest why’d he spilled the apple juice but didn’t say anything.  He denied that it was him.  Then I felt Baby 2’s pants.  It was wet.   How could he not feel that?!?

Next I tried to put his underwear on, but I put the diaper on after.  That way he’ll feel the wetness on the underwear and I wouldn’t have to clean anything up.  Smart right??

Not until he took a massive dump.  MASSIVE!  And he STILL didn’t say anything.  My eldest says “I smell hotdogs!”

Side story:

Both kids are at my brother’s house.  I come to pick them up and the baby stinks of poop. 

Me: can’t you smell that!?!?

Brother:  what?

Me:  he’s poo’ed

Brother:  I thought I smelled hotdogs

So, we all go upstairs to change his diaper.  I take off the diaper and his underwear is FILLED with poop.  UGH!  There’s a lot and it stinks.  Franklin is freaking out.  He cannot handle a mess.  “Throw it away!” he yells.  “It’s going to stink” I yell back.  “Wrap it in paper towels”.  It doesn’t help that garbage pickup is every other week up here.  UGH!

Maybe stickers or stamps.  Next will be bribery – that works on all ages.



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