Shave, Wax, Pluck, Thread, Electrolysis

As the warm weather makes an appearance intermittently I bust out the flip-flops.  I hate wearing socks.  But, seeing my dry heals and crusty nails shames me to put on some socks and shoes again.  I  need a pedicure.  STAT!  But, that’s just part of the ‘spring cleaning’ needed.  Legs and arm pits are going to be exposed.  Living in this winter wonderland I think we grow our leg hairs to keep warm.  Well, that’s what I tell The Husband.  But, my break is almost over.   It’s time to decide how to do some body hair maintenance.

For my eyebrows, I prefer threading.  I don’t mind waxing.  But, had one bad experience, so ‘once bitten.  twice shy’.   The woman didn’t have a taunt hold of my eyebrow before pulling the wax off and ended up ripping my tender skin where my eyelid was.  OUCH!  For my legs and armpits, it’s shaving.  And the other places I will not mention.  I want to be able to look you in the eye, is all I”m sayin’. 

I’m not sure who has the lessor evil in body hair maintenance.  Men or Women?  Men who have facial hair will have to shave almost everyday.  Where as woman can get by with a few weeks in between, albeit more places.  One times many or many times one.  hmmm.  I’d be lying if I said I was on top of it.  My hair needs a trim.  My legs need a lawn mower.  My eyebrows definitely could use some shaping.   And you could probably braid my arm pits. LMAO!  TMI?!


2 thoughts on “Shave, Wax, Pluck, Thread, Electrolysis

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