Trimming the Bushes

I’m talking gardening people.  Thought it was something else since this one comes after my post about body hair care? HA!  Durrrty minds.

Anyway, I don’t have something that erotic to talk about.  Just plain ol’ gardening.  My Mom has a beautiful garden with tons of roses, flowers, apples, scotch bonnet peppers, etc.  The lovely roses I think are the best.  They smell so good and she has so many colours.

Since I’m on mat. leave during this summer I might as well try my green thumb.  Or more like my death thumb.  All my flowers and plants die.  I even had 4 fighter fish!  They are supposed to be easy to care for.  Yeah right.  I remember I wanted to help Franklin out since he always changed the water.  I wanted to surprise him and complete the chore.  While I’m changing the water I want only the best for my fish, so I pull out the britta from the fridge.  Clean water.  If it’s good enough for me to drink, it’s good enough for my beloved fighter.  Filler up.   As soon as I pour the fish back into his clean home, he instantly dies and is floating.  woops!  The second time around I wanted the fighter fish to have a buddy.  Now I know enough about fish that putting two together would not be a good idea.  So I bought a small gold fish to keep him company.  Don’t you know the bully started bumping him.  One morning the gold fish is kinda floating at the top, but I have to go out and figure I’ll tend to it when I get back.  Well, I’m gone  all weekend.  When I get back both fish are dead!  Did you know, as soon as a fish dies, it’s body gives off toxins effecting the water.  Bye bye fighter fish 2.  It was your own darn fault!

But, I digress.  Gardening.  Right.  Seems it should be easy.  Maybe a couple of flowers for the front of the house and a few herbs and veggies in the back.  Franklin would to build some sort of gardening area and he’s not the most handiest of men (sorry  babe.  but, you know it’s true).  And although the flowers that bloom only once are prettier, I’d rather go with the ones that bloom every year.  This is starting to sound overwhelming and expensive.    I think I just blogged myself out of the idea.  But would love to make some type of backyard oasis.  A  hammock near by (love those things!) A swinging chair.  Kiddies playing in the little pool or sandbox.  Husband bbqing.  I love summer.  Even more while I’m on mat. leave.

Not sure if it’s a man thing, but Franklin though loves his lawn.  Spends hours each week!  He loves to check the height of the grass by placing a golf ball on it.  lol  He is definitely a golf nut.  It’s nice to walk in without shoes and feel the grass between your toes.  It’s like a nice thick carpet.  (I’m still talking gardening dirty people) LOL

Do you do any gardening?  If yes, what do you grow?


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