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We’re just going in to buy FOUR things ONLY.  ONLY I say!   Write it down so we ONLY get those things.

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Paper Towels
  3. Grapes
  4. Lysol disinfectant wipes

Yah right.  Whenever we go to Costco it’s NEVER just what’s on the list.  You’d think I’d know better.  I LOVE deals.  and buying 500 whatchyamacallits sounds like a deal to me!  Sure I have no room left in my freezer, linen closet, or pantry shelves, but I’m striving to get a bigger house soon-soon anyway right?  This is just a motivator to save more and get it sooner!  I need space for all my Costco buys.

Forget that I hate throwing anything away.  I swear we could use it again.  Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  We should save that empty paper towel roll thingy.  Then when we have another one Marcus can make binoculars.  I meed to save this small amount of yarn left over so I can use it to make a flower, or a hat for a doll, or SOMETHING.  Sadly, I have a garbage bag full of yarn waiting to be used.  It’s come to the point where The Husband won’t let me buy another one until I finish the bag.

Same goes for baking pans.  But, when you buy you need at least two.  I think I need three, so I’m compromising at two.  Two muffin trays, mini-muffin trays, cookie sheets, circle and square cake pans, spring-form cheese cake pans, pie plates, mini-loaf pans and loaf pans.  That’s it.  I could still use a Madeleine cake tray, offset spatula, piping bag kit, and bigger kitchen.

Everyone has their thang.  Mine happens to be yarn, cookware, and before kids, clothes.  Oh, and books!  Love to read.  Couple that with never throwing stuff away, and well….I’ve had interventions.  More like ‘Yellings’.   THROW IT AWAY seems to be the theme.  That, and ‘you can’t buy one until you throw one away’.

Yours may be clothes, purses, shoes, movies, t-shirts, golf stuff (ahem….franklin…I’m callin’ YOU out!), tools, furniture, lego, video games, whatever!

Ikea, home stuff stores, costco/priceclub and the like didn’t become profitable because we don’t like to buy stuff.

Everyone has their thing they like to spend their money on, is all I’m saying.


12 thoughts on “Hoarder

  1. OMG Way to freakin funny…. It sounds like I could have written this blog….

    oh Eleisa, I too have HAD that bag of yarn with odds and ends in it and was told that I couldn’t buy any more yarn until I used or threw away the odds and ends… I was so obsessed with making and KEEPING all of the blankets (that’s all I can make) and scarfs that my Husband one day when I wasn’t home took them all to The Sally Ann! Did I miss them, no….. I too am a hoarder of stuff I find it very hard to throw things out… And I too need a bigger house and are trying to save for it…

    Just know, you are not alone!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    • LOL! I knew you’d get the ‘yarn thing’. We still have the red and black one you gave to Frankie for Christmas all those years ago. I blame YOU for my sickness! haha…jokes. Thanks for your comments and sharing your hoarderesqueness.

  2. Hahah – “is all I’m saying.” Anything a person says is okay, as long as it is qualified with “is all I’m saying” or “I’m just saying”

    Also – what is this hoarding you speak of? I do not know what it is.. nope, not me!

  3. Eleisa, I know what you mean. My fiancee says that I talk like an addict when I justify the reasons why bought yet another plate or sauce (I have way too many sauces in my fridge… but William Sonoma just had a sale and how could I have not bought a WS bbq sauce for 4$ down from 20$ and all the ingredients are organic… really!).

    Anyway, what I wanted to write about has nothing to do with space… It’s about “empty paper towel thingy” – I too keep them, but I keep them for baking 🙂 Some cookie doughs can be frozen, so if you roll the dough, wrap it with clear wrap and then stuff into that paper towel roll, then you get a uniform roll and they are quite sturdy and easy to store in the freezer.

    • Hey Julia! Thanks so much for reading and your comment.

      The sauce deal sounds awesome! I’m impressed by your restraint at only buying ONE. $4 from $20 is a deal. I’d buy two just because. You’d need one to use and the other for your next luncheon/dinner party/get together. o.k. maybe three. you also need one for back up. You’d STILL be under the $20 if you had bought just one.

      OMG! That’s a great idea. I didn’t even think of that for the paper towel roll. I’ve been balling my cookie dough, freezing them on a try, and then sticking them into a freezer bag. I’m so going to try that. Funny that I mention the “empty paper towel thingy”. Just now, Franklin was going to throw one away since Marcus already has 3 binoculars (one for each of us right? how else are we all going to see the imaginary birds/pigs/dragons fly away) and I used YOUR reason to keep it. FTW!

      He sends his ‘thanks’ 🙂

      • Oh, you understand me!! I actually am tempted to go back and buy more of that sauce, but not having enough space in the fridge is keeping me from doing that. There was also an awesome deal on strawberry ice cream starters – again, really good natural ingredients, you only add milk and cream to it and voila you get ice cream. 1.97 for two pouches (each makes one quart of ice cream), down from around 20. It’s like getting it for free!!!! I just HAD to get it. (Ok, I got two boxes, not one)

        I am glad you liked the paper towel roll idea 🙂 My other tip (if you are interested) – I save butter stick wrappings in the freezer (they don’t take much space, so I don’t feel guilty doing it). Then when I need to butter a cake pan or muffin tins, I don’t need to use real butter, I just rub the butter wrapping on the pan. It works great!!

        • ok…where is this store? I love the fact that it’s good natural ingredients! and you just said my trigger word…FREE! Did you ever see that Flintstone’s episode where Fred goes ballistic at the word ‘Bet’. BET! BET! BET!. Well, free, bet, deal, discount, all-in, and doubled down are all triggers for me too.

          That’s an AWESOME tip! To think I’ve been throwing away those pieces of buttery gold kitchen tools. THANKS! Please feel free to pass on more of your great knowledge. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I am all out of advice 🙂 I’ll let you know if I remember anything else.

    It was a William Sonoma store in the Eaton Centre, they had an after holiday sale. I love their stuff but it’s crazy expensive usually.

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