Holiday macarons (perfect for gifting to family and friends)

(Pictured here are crème brûlée, black sesame, lychee and piña colada flavoured macarons)


120g almond flour
120g icing sugar
86 egg white
86 granulated sugar


Whip egg whites until very foamy before starting to add granulated sugar. Stop beating meringue at FIRM peaks (not stiff) when the meringue droops over slightly when the paddles are lifted up. Add in food colouring of choice at this step and mix on the slowest speed until evenly distributed.

Fold in half of the almond flour and icing sugar mixture, until no dry ingredients remain and then fold in the remaining half. Deflate the batter until it comes off the spatula in a ribbon like state.

Pipe and let dry for 15-20 minutes. Bake in 300F (convection oven) for 5 min, lower to 285F for 7-8 min.


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