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Vagina Info

Every person should know about th human body. For females and fathers of daughters, this is particularly true. So, here’s some great info about the vagina. Disclaimer – I am not a gynecologist. I am a female who’s learned a few things and preach to my kids “listen to your body”.

  1. Vaginal discharge is normal.
  2. Wearing panty liners 24/7 is not necessary.
    They will trap moisture, causing infections.
  3. Vaginas are acidic enough to BLEACH fabric, hence the discoloration of underwear.
  4. Longer labias are Just as natural as smaller labias.
  5. A mans sperm CAN throw off your ph balance and also change the smell of your lady bits.
  6. It is not safe for lady bits to smell like sunshine and flowers, so don’t expect it to.
  7. STOP douching and washing your vagina with bath&body works, and Victoria secret. It is not healthy for the vagina. You don’t need soap to wash your vagina. If you find that you STILL have an stink after rinsing off with water, see a gynecologist.
  8. The vagina is self cleansing.
  9. Having sex has no correlation of how “tight” your vagina is. The vagina is a muscle and expands when a woman is aroused. If a woman is constantly “tight” down there during sex, it may be possible that she is not attracted to her sexual partner, hence not opening up to them down there.
  10. Yeast infections are COMMON!!! Not normal, COMMON.
  11. The best thing you can do for your vagina is to leave it alone.😴
  12. If your vagina stinks after it’s washed with water, or your discharge stinks and has a color, go see a gynecologist. Even unscented soaps there is no need for. Your lady bits are to have a natural smell unique to you. (Natural smell and stink are two completely different things, so know the difference)
  13. Let her breathe.
  14. The VAGINA is the narrow canal that runs INSIDE the body. NOT the whole genital area.
    Never use soap inside your vagina
    Rare cases you MIGHT need to use unscented soap on the outside. But never, never on a normal basis.
  15. Always urinate after sex to rinse the urinary tract of fluids that could be caught and can cause UTIs.
  16. Drink water. Add lemon and lime to it for taste.
  17. COTTON panties ladies. Wearing silk, satin and lace seven days a week will abso-fucking-lutely throw your Ph off.

Don’t argue with me about this. I don’t give a fuck if you say your mama put you in satin diapers and all you’ve ever worn is satin panties. If this is true, YOUR SHIT IS OFF. I GUARANTEE it.

  1. Stop sprinkling powder on your lady bits, stop IMMEDIATELY! Talcum causes cancer. This isn’t a hoax or a joke and I don’t care if your 97 year old great Aunt Myrtle has been using it twice a day, everyday. STOP IT! TODAY!
  2. Also the Vagina is a natural sperm killer, except when you’re ovulating with the exception of a very high ph level.
  3. This is all correct and true.
    Please dont allow men try and tell you how to care for your ladybits.
    Ladies, don’t allow boys who got sex ed from Pornhub tell you about YOUR vagina.

Also, your diet has a major role in this. ALL animal products are highly acidic and will mess with the overall balance of your body of your body’s ph levels. Eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds will help neutralize and naturally raise your body up to a higher alkaline content.

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