2020 - new decade. new me

You Know You’re Old When – Heartburn

Indigestionheartburnupset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. I had it all. My over eating on the holidays had me drinking THREE doses of Pepto. Could it have been the baked brie, wine, chips and spinach dip, Jamaican soup with its salt beef and many dumplings and taro, the hot sauce in my pho soup, the Congress Queen noodles or all the oaboves left overs? Yah, I drank water, but it wasn’t enough to cut several days of rich food. It was unreal how bad it was! It came in waves of intense burning. If I happen to burp at the same time I got a lovely splash of acid juice with it. Yum 😝. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. It has settled down and is now murmur under the surface. I’ve never had anything like this before. Am I a walking commercial now who needs to carry around a roll of Tums antacid? I only just discovered the wines I like. Fak! First world problems amiright? Too much food. Too much celebration. I am truly blessed. But if I want to continue to enjoy I need to get myself in check. Once I get back into my healthier lunch and exercise routine it will be better. Starting next week. 😂 The rest of the week is still the holiday season at work and I have meet ups with peeps for holiday eats.

Enjoy life y’all!


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