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New Job – Day 23 and Intermittent Fasting Day 29

I think this week will be the end of new job posts. Or should I post until my 3-month probation is done. I could technically be let go without cause at this point. Some likes or comments would be helpful dear readers (yes it’s an attention needy move 😂 ).

Today, the long term trainer received an email about our rollout and didn’t forward it on to the team. Other trainer was good. She just asked about the project meeting tomorrow and asked what were we to comment on since the invite said documents to follow. Ooooh, that. I got an email with a network link to the contents. Jeez. Way to share buddy. The meeting is at 9:30 am tomorrow and me and the other trainer is leaving for the day. So slimey. I don’t care because meh, but at the same time how am I to cotribute in the meeting if I only have 30 minutes to review. I think maybe he’s a glory hog or he feels intimidated, but either way in typical jerk fashion, doesn’t share info with the team so he looks like the only one who is prepared and knows his stuff. Sigh. I hate people like that. Ugh. Blah blah blah work.

Day food:

  • Green tea
  • Plain oatmeal with granola (had to buy from Longos since I forgot to grab from home. The one I got was 4.49, where the individual packets was 3.99. I like the one I got, but put way too much in the cup. Need to learn to portion control it or bring in a measuring cup and bowl)
  • Slice of homemade cinnamon cake with butter cream (lady at work celebrated her 1-year anniversary with the firm and made a very professional looking 4-layer cake)
  • Half a sandwich of mozzarella, tomato, olive paste, on focaccia bread (will have to try and recreate. Was so good. I could easy be a vegetarian with food like this)
  • Carrots and hummus (snacked during the ride home)

This new oatmeal is even better. So glad I bought it. New fave!

Night food:

  • Hubby making baked BBQ chicken legs
  • Steamed mixed veggies of broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots
  • Rice
  • Hopefully I can control myself and portion control!

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