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New Job – Day 21 and Intermittent Fasting Day 29

Milestone at work. Taught a class. I was pretty awesome IMHO. Need to get the phone and PDF exercise flow a little cleaner, but I’m a perfectionist. I covered all the learning points, but could be cleaner. Yah me!I ate at 11! And ate healthy for the day:

  • Green tea for breakfast
  • 1 pack plain oatmeal with my granola using 1 cup skim milk for morning snack
  • Carrots and hummus for lunch
  • 1 egg + egg whites/ spinach/ onion/ cheese/ 2 slice of kalbasa omlete and a slice of bread for lunch
  • Greek yogurt with granola for snack for afternoon snack
  • 1/2 cup cappuccino to show how to use the coffee machine and enjoy it’s deliciousness

It is getting easier to fast. I think I could do more hours, but it’s finally coming together, so why change it if it’s not broken. I’ll keep it up for longer before making changes. When I’m PMS’ing there’s not too much controlling. I’ll figure it out after a few more cycles. It’s so great that I’ve lasted this long.When I read previous posts about my fasting attempts I barely lasted a week and struggled. So proud of myself! Having a routine at work helps. Making lunch helps. Packing healthy snacks are a must. Also, a couple of cousins have messaged and said how reading my posts helps put their own efforts on the forefront of their mind and they making more efforts and better choices. They help me too with their helpful tips from their experience, I.e. apple cider vinegar, start with 12-12 and build up the fasting hours, and words of sage advice, I.e. cut the lunch volume I packed in half. We’re all getting older and trying to stay healthy. KFC is for dinner. 50% off today. Hubby is excited about it 😂 I’ll have 1-2 pieces. Bye bye today’s efforts.


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