Diet Dayz

Intermittent Fasting – Days 27 and 28

It’s the weekend and I wonder what to meal prep for next week. This will dictate my grocery shopping list. I have no idea, but it’s early and I’m leaning towards sheet pan meal prep videos. I have time in between surfing for Black Friday deals before I decide. I want to buy bedsheets for all the beds, pajamas for the kids, a couple of secret Santa gifts, something for my mother-in-law, brothers, dad, brother-in-law, grand nephew and niece, cousins who are still in school (if you’re working, you don’t get. They’ll need to participate in the family secret Santa. Too any people to buy for), gifts for my kids, little gifts for co-workers and maybe even me.

Weekend day 1:

  • Cooked breakfast for J while we wait for hubby to finish dialysis
  • Was able to eat at 11 when we went for western breakfast of 2 poached eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 1.5 slice of dry rye toast, home fries, and 2 cups of milky tea
  • Went to a Celebration of Life for the father of a friend. We wanted to support the family. They are good people.
  • Stopped by TnT to pick up some eats – buns, noodles, frozen udon noodles, frozen thin sliced meat (usually used for hotpot), box of persimmons (for dad), and 2 Vietnamese buns from the store next door
  • Checked on dad
  • Once home hubby was exhausted and slept the rest of the day and night
  • Finished eating hubby’s left over chicken souvalaki by 7:30 pm – yah me!
  • Called kids to say good night

Weekend day 2

  • Made omelets for everyone. Cheese for J, onion/kalbasa with 2 slices of toast for hubby, onion/spinach/cheese for me
  • Called kids to say good morning. Dad was still sleeping. Which was odd.
  • Called again and M said when he checked on Gung he said he almost died last night and that He almost threw up.
  • I’m on my way!!
  • Hubby was just about to go grocery shopping. Cancel that. We going to my dad’s – now.
  • Pack up stuff to make my delicious homemade granola. Fly down there. Dad is still in bed. Kids are hungry. It’s 10:30 am. I am in emergency mode. We call for a home visit by a doctor. Check my dad’s sugar level. Get him a cup of warm water. Cook for kids.
  • Dad called out and wanted 2 peeled tangerines and his needle. I was so thankful I was there to hear him and help him. I am low key mad that he had M stay last weekend when I said he should come home. I want to say “see. It is not fine”. But I stfu and keep it to myself.
  • While he sleeps off and on, he has asks for a peeled apple and another tangerine. Sleeps more. Comes downstairs and eats some of the noodle soup I had made the kids.
  • Brother had called and offered to come up and shovel dad’s driveway. He was in the east end to do one of his pick ups. Dad was sleeping when he arrived so he didn’t wake him up. He farted something rank af! I asked if he was feeling OK 😂
  • After all that sleep, when dad came down to eat and do his needle at 8:30 pm he said he was feeling better and said I could leave.
  • I said I would wait for the doctor, but would drive kids and Franklin home and come back. He was all dad about me not coming back and said he was “fine”. Sigh….I went home and didn’t go back.
  • Made the granola using olive oil instead of melted coconut oil since I’m trying to really watch my cholesterol, had no coconut so I added golden raisins and dried cranberries for extra flavor and sweetness, added wheat germ and more Chia seeds for added crunch and 1/2 cup more sliced almonds then the recipe called for. It must be good because dad snacked on it and said I could leave him some. Yah me!

I bought cleats for big boys and vitamins for me and the kids. Way to shop (sarcasm).


Was able to fast 16:8 for the most part. Cared for sick dad. I’m tired.


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