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New Job – Day 19 and Intermittent Fasting Day 25

It’s hard waking up so early and it’s night out. I get home and it’s still night out. My toe is still kinda cap so haven’t done my lunch time walks in a couple weeks. I have been wearing M’s black DC kicks. They are so comfortable because they accommodate my wide feet. Thankfully they are all black so only a bit conspicuous. Is this what they call the winter blues? I need to get some vitamin D vitamins.

I’m making progress with my work prep for my Monday session. Still have to figure what to wear. Professional and stylish of course, but still fun and approachable. I like looking back on my “work fashion” album. I used to take pictures at one of my old jobs of my outfit of the day. I need to start that up again since I’ve got a several new outfits. Likely a dress with blazer. First impressions matter. Clothes matter in this respect. Standing in the front of the room of strangers and making them believe you in a short time is not easy. But I’m pretty awesome at it in my not so humble opinion 😂

It’s ground hogs day for my day food routine:

  • Green tea for breakfast
  • Made 2 packets of oatmeal at 11 (wasn’t that hungry by then, but once I had one bite I demolished it by 11:30)
  • My delicious Turkey and bean chili with 2 stone wheat crackers
  • Ate an apple, a banana and 1/2 cake thing (it was only two bites)

Home time! – Kids activities, hubby tired, got Greek chicken souvalaki on a pita for dinner, didn’t get home til 7:30 so late night eats again. Hubby was so tired he went to “lie down” for a bit first and fell asleep. He didn’t eat his chicken souvalaki on a pita. I put it in the fridge for him, but was tempted to eat it. I was not full-full. I could eat. But I figured I’d eat it for lunch tomorrow. Yah me! Although, after my dinner, I ate more. M didn’t eat his 4 dumplings and left over fried egg noodles from dad’s place. I didn’t want to waste the yummy food. It was in a small ass bowl! It was delicious while I ate, but when I went to bed I was too full. I used to love that itis feeling and falling asleep. Probably best I don’t enjoy as much.


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