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New Job – Day 17 and Intermittent Fasting Day 23

I’m doing a training session next week. Scary and exciting. I want to flex my amazing facilitation skills, but a still a bit anxious. It will be like muscle memory, right? I’ve been doing this for years. It is my career. I got this! Step 1 – think positively. Some of the life lessons I know in practice, but trying to out into action.

This morning there was a great stress and mental health webinar being hosted at the firm where people from the firm could also sit in live. The panel included a doctor from Woman’s college hospital, a partner from the Employment Law practice group and another partner who chairs the firm’s diversity and/or mental health committee (I can’t remember which). I appreciate that mental health awareness wasn’t just talk during the interview process when they woo’d me to accept. During this live webinar there was quite the spread. Danish, mini bagels, muffins, sliced loaves of deliciousness and much more. With herculean strength I turned it all down and went to grab a seat. Had to duck out early to head to the next meeting. This time I did grab a mini pumpernickel bagel with a peanut butter and jam packets to supplement my one cup of chili lunch.

Blah blah blah work (think these posts titles are going to have to change since I’m starting to blah blah new job stuff) and by 11:30 I was finally free to eat! I had my oatmeal packets, but instead this first eats of the day included:

  • Mini bagel with PB&J
  • Banana
  • A few grapes
  • Water

I was still hungry. This was a reminder to myself to eat the oatmeal next time. It really does keep you satiated longer than 1 second. For lunch I had my 1-cup of chili and 2 stone wheat crackers. My foot is still swollen and although I can fit into one of my work shoes it gets too tight by mid day. I could put on my runners so I could do my lunch walks, but since finding out I had been spending way too much on overage charges while I chat away with my BFF I had little motivation. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll make some moves. Like yesterday I had another banana chocolate chip muffin for snack. I really need to get back on my carrots and hummus snacks.

For dinner I heated 1.5 cups of chili. Made the kids udon and dumplings for dinner. And George Foreman’d a frozen burger for the hubby. We’re watching the movie The Upside. It’s great to be home early and be able to feed my family and watch some t.v. together. Kids didn’t eat all their dumplings and guess who ate them? There were 3 bags of chips in the house and me and L dipped into one. Ideally I should play some games with them instead to distract from the bad snacks and connect, but I’m tired. Not sure if it’s mentally, physically or emotionally, but either way I just couldn’t do it. I start the bed routine of shower, teeth, blah blah blah for me and the kids and we get to bed. But now I can’t sleep. Fak! At least all 3 are asleep and it’s quiet and calm. I eventually fall asleep and baby only wakes up twice. We dance between him going to his bed and ours. Tomorrow is going to be rough.


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