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New Job – Day 16 and Intermittent Fasting Day 22

Not sure how much longer I can keep up the daily updates. Thank you to my 3 faithful readers! 😂 I know after I publish there are a minimum of 3 people who read it within 30 minutes of posting. I get trickles of several more views, but to the regular readers, thanks!! You keep me motivated. The recipes get a bigger view count, so watch out for the healthy, tasty turkey and bean chili recipe coming up that I made on the weekend.

I had to bust out the glass lunch container for the chili lunch. The serving was at least 2 cups. Too much for one serving, but I couldn’t lug that thing in only half filled. I could have used the smaller container, but that looked way too small for my big eyes and I’d rather have too much then too little. I ate the two packs of oatmeal at 11 am. And my sister-cousin made a good point of just eating half the chili for lunch. If I heat up the whole thing, I’ll just eat it all like last time. So I just used a mug to eat up my portion for lunch and had that with two stone ground wheat crackers and 3 cups of water. I used to log my food for the day and seeing the calories in front of me I put down the Halloween kitkat. It helped me to make a choice of where I wanted to eat my calories for the day. The homemade banana chocolate chip muffin was 150 calories. I held off, but by the time I was going home I ate it. Why the F bake shit if not to enjoy?! At home hubby made steamed veggie mix, mashed potatoes and baked BBQ skinless, boneless chicken thighs. Yah hubby!

I’m mentally tired. I just want to get away for a bit. A long hot shower will be the answer.


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