Diet Dayz

Intermittent Fasting – Day 20 and 21

It’s the weekend, so it’s already a bit harder. I want to keep this brief as a reminder for me, but I also want to capture the minor chaos. We’ll see how this goes….


  • Baby awake and we hang until hubby wakes up so we can go out for breakfast
  • Forgot hubby visiting Bobby and a pop-up shop downtown this morning. Make plans with sister-cousin to go for eats.
  • L wants western breakfast joint (he gets chicken fingers and fried). Santa Claus parade happening and streets are closed off. I drive in circles along the side streets with the rest of the detoured traffic
  • Time is dwindling as cousin is to meet up with bf. We get to HK breakfast place with just under an hour to spare and even less to qualify for their breakfast deal. And the fasting time is met! Yah me!!
  • L gets an instant noodle with satay beef and a milo drink. Cousin, J and I get 2 eggs special, vermicelli soup and a macaroni soup with soy milk, tea milk and another ovaltine. We share it all (love that about eating out with her) family style and I get to eat a bit of everything.
  • M calls and says Gung wants me to bring M health card since he has a fever. I’m annoyed because I told him to come home but was told “it’s fine” by dad.
  • I drop off cousin at her parents first and stop in to check on the boy. Dad is glaring asking where’s the card. I tried to explain I was out and just dropped off cousin and wanted to stop by before going home. Well that didn’t go over well. Triple sigh.
  • Blah blah blah he goes to doctor and is told to take adult med as the children meds are only good up to 95 lbs.
  • We have a family bowling event planned. Dad wants M to still go. Him and hubby both agree that the more the merrier. I protest and say I will stay home with him. “He’s fine” I’m told. Grrrr
  • M bowls a few frames and doesn’t play anymore. After the first game L is bowling for M, me and himself 😂

  • They all go for dinner, M, J and me go to my dad’s. I tuck M to bed. Put J to sleep. And finally exhale as I play my phone.
  • Blah blah blah I mother M – he coughs and I’m up in his room to help him drink water. I heat up some chicken noodle soup and bring it up to him. That kinda stuff.
  • Dinner is finished and I send hubby hone to prep his machine. I stay at dads till 11pm and eat the noodles they brought home for me past 7. He says I could stay, but I need my BP pill and I’m on my period, so there’s that.
  • I ate past 7, but didn’t over eat. Does that cancel each other out? 😂
  • Tl:Dr – HK breakfast, bowling, sick son, ate 2 meals between 11am-9pm


  • Hubby goes grocery shopping in the morning before breakfast (yah hubby!)
  • He takes forever and cones home exhausted. He did finish dialysis this morning, so I get it.
  • He rests too long and now not enough time for breakfast before L has an activity. He might as well take a nap for 30 min. I make cheesy eggs for J then he goes down for a nap.
  • Hubby comes home and sleeps the rest of the day and night away.
  • I make chili to eat for the week and make it healthy with turkey, black beans, chickpeas, onions, chopped tomatoes, red pepper, garlic.
  • I make banana chocolate chip muffins with whole wheat, coconut oil, bananas, eggs, vanilla, baking soda and chocolate chips
  • Do dishes, sweep and mop kitchen floor, blah blah blah
  • The big boys come back and are hungry. I heat up a Delissio stuffed crust and we hang watching some Fresh Off The Boat episodes.
  • Tl:Dr – domestic diva, ate between 1-9pm

It’s more of a mind thing at this point regarding food. I’m not that hungry in the morning, but I want food. Still need to get Braggs apple cider vinegar and incorporate that it the morning routine.


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