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New Job – Day 15 and Intermittent Fasting Day 19

Franklin is finishing his dialysis, disconnecting, and disinfecting the machine. I get the kids up, make breakfast, lunch and snacks, get ready myself, change baby’s diaper and get him dressed. Then it’s loud reminders to get out the door since they’ll have to drop me off at the fracture clinic before they go to school. The line up to register is long AF. I then go to Timmies to get a coffee for the girl who went the extra mile to get me in today over Monday. When I get to the fracture clinic it’s packed. I wait. After 1 hour I ask if they had already called my name and maybe I missed it. She said they were running 1.5 hours behind and if my appointment was 9am it’s unlikely. I crochet and watch Drop dead Diva on tablet as I wait some more. At 10:38 I ask again. She said she’d check in 15 minutes if I still haven’t been called. Sigh. I ask again and she goes to the back to take a look. The have called my name. Ffs! I’ll be called next. Sigh.

I get called and now wait in an examination room. The doctor is dressed quite dapper. Orders more xrays. Now to wait for x-rays and results. This is becoming a real pain in the ass.

Blah blah blah. There’s a chip/crack in the joint bone of my big toe and it’s a bit off center. Tape the toe together for 6-8 weeks. If there’s pain or healing crooked in 3 months come back.

Franklin has to go downtown to drop off blood work at the hospital, so he drives me to work. We make a pit stop at St. Lawrence market and I get my favourite sandwich from there – a chicken and eggplant sandwich with grilled peppers, onions and hot peppers. I grab a ginger ale (.50) and Mrs. Vicki sweet chili and sour cream chips (.75)at the vending machines at work. I’m going full hog today. I’m hormonal (day 2 of my period) and turning a blind eye to good food choices. I did add water to the pop because it helps cut the crazy too sweet taste. I still drank the whole can, so still the same amount of sugar. Ah well. I already accept I’m drinking a can of sugar.

Work work work blah blah blah

I grab a package of 4 digestive cookies from the pantry for a late afternoon snack. I was able to hold off eating it, but by the time I’m on the train home I can’t hold off during the long ass ride home.

Nobody wants to cook dinner and we go to the recently renovated Swiss Chalet. We order:

  • J a quarter chicken with salad, milk, and chocolate ice cream from the kids menu
  • L a pizza with fries, Shirley temple, and skittles from the kids menu
  • F gets a festive dinner
  • Me gets a bowl of soup – J’s salad is for me, F will share fries with me and J

We go to pick up M and dad says he can stay there. He doesn’t look great and I tell him to come home because I don’t want him near my dad if he’s not feeling well. Of course dad insists and that’s the end of that. It’s frustrating because I called earlier for M to come for dinner, but he was already eating and wanted to come home to sleep. Baby and L fall asleep on the way home and I’m tired too. It’s been a long day. Changing clothes and diaper of a sleeping/now cranky baby is exhausting. I want to cry along with him.

Fasted in the morning, but pigged out at lunch. Ate till 9 pm, but had soup and salad. We’ll see how tomorrow morning’s fast goes.


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