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New Job – Day 14 and Intermittent Fasting Day 18

I can finally put my foot into my running shoe! I’m no doctor, but must be getting better, right?! I mean I didn’t get a call, my foot fits in a shoe, but I still can’t wiggle my big toe that well. Two out of three isn’t bad for my guess. I didn’t pack lunch the night before and just grabbed the container of the remaining quiche, put a shit load of roasted veggies and 1.5 Italian sausage. It’s enough for two days and I can leave in work fridge for tomorrow.

I do pretty good with my green tea and water that 11 am comes and I prepare my 2 packs of oatmeal without a crazed hunger. The shit is exactly as oatmeal is advertised to be. It kept me satiated that by 1 I really didn’t need my lunch yet. So I thought. I heat up the whole container and use the lid as a dish to dole out a serving. Next thing I know I have a second serving. Not too much left….ah fuckit. I ate the whole thing. I’m ready to nap I’m so full.

I call the doctors office again to find out what the results of the xray. This is getting ridiculous. When I call in and they say my doctor didn’t respond and she’s not in today, I am ready to cry angry tears of frustration. Ffs! The receptionist shows much empathy and she’ll get the original doctor from the drop-in hours who ordered the xray to look at it and call me back. I’m in training so of course I missed the call. Sigh. Her voice mail says there’s a fracture and I need to go to the fracture clinic. I should call back to get the details. They are on lunch from 1-2. Training is also on lunch during that time. Double-sigh.

Long story short there’s calls to fracture clinic, doctors office, and me getting a bit aggressive when they tell me to come in Monday to the fracture clinic. It’s been a week, I’m walking on it and popping Advil for the swelling and Tylenol for the pain. I am in tomorrow morning at 9 am. Woo-hoo!

I get home and eat the left over spaghetti. After 1 bowl I still want more and just eat some of the sauce that’s filled with meat, zucchini and onions. It’s passed 7 pm and I’m not overly concerned. There’s no more chips or cookies around so couldn’t indulge. That’s why you don’t keep it on the house people! Because if there were any they’d be gone in a second.

Tl:Dr – I fasted in the morning. Ate 2 days worth of lunch. Advocated for myself to get my toe taken care of. And ate past 7pm.