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New Job – Day 13 and Intermittent Fasting Day 17

When I hadn’t heard from the doctor yesterday I figured it could be a couple reasons:

  • Everything was all good
  • The xray place didn’t fax to the doctor within 2 hours like they said they would

I was able to hold off the morning hunger with a cup of green tea. Still haven’t bought any apple cider vinegar yet, but the hot tea helps still. By 11:30 it’s 2 packs of oatmeal. By lunch I’m not really hungry, but at 1:30 I start to nibble and end up eating all the salad/roasted veg/ quiche/ and Italian sausage.

I called to find out what the xray rwsults are this morning and the doctor is not in until 2pm. Sigh. I wait some more. I still can’t fit it in any other shoe except my winter boots. So I wear the boot on my hurt toe and my regular office flat. I look stupid, but my foot is hot af and I don’t want to wear boots on both feet. All that walking to get the xray has my foot, ankle, leg, hip and back in all sorts of pain. So I sit all day and skip my walk at lunch.

By 3pm I need snacks. I eat:

  • beet chips
  • crackers
  • a cookie
  • And my carrots sticks and dip snack I brought
  • A few spoonfuls of Chia seed pudding with a handful of blew berries I brought

It’s gotta be my hormones. Normally I would be able to hold off, but I’m due to be menstruating soon. I’m busy at work and next thing I know it’s time to go home. Still no call. The doctor is there until 7pm and I’m mentally and physically tired so I hold out hope that she’ll call as I zone out on Netflix on my commute home. No call. My foot is throbbing. They swelling is going down. I assume all is good and with the swelling going down I figure it’s all good.

Hubby made cha-siu chow fan (BBQ pork fried rice). It was pretty good. I only had 1 bowl. Would have had more, but saved the rest for M when he got back from his activity. Glad to have a reason to hold back or I would have eaten more. Finished eating by 7:15 pm. This is a slippery slope. 7 pm end time to eat is getting easily passed without a thought. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up!

Me, baby and L hangout upstairs to play and talk. I miss them. I miss this. As much as I’m enjoying the new job, my heart aches that I’m missing the minutia of them growing up. I think most working moms feel this. I just gotta put on my big girl pants on, bury the hurt and get my extra hugs in. To afford the $80 bowling, the meals out so I don’t have to cook on the weekend and not stress about every bill, I just keep telling myself I am enjoying the new job, appreciate that I am relatively healthy and count all my blessings.


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