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New Job – Day 12 and Intermittent Fasting Day 16

What a nightmare trying to get my foot x-rayed at over lunch. I called several places and finally got an appointment at a place several blocks away. I found another that was closer that was walk-in only. I figured I’ll go to the walk-in and just call the other place after. After walking over, waiting for them to secretary stop the idle chit chat while making an appointment for the lady in front of me she tells me today the technician was not I today and tomorrow. WTF?! I called the number on your website and they said you only took walk-ins. Ooh….you must have called the head office (there are multiple locations) and they don’t know what is going on here. I called the only number available on your website and maybe you need to communicate your limitations. FFS! Her apology did not cool the sweat I felt dropping down my back nor my throbbing foot.

I start heading over to the next place where I had the appointment. I am willing to take a cab but don’t have any cash. I finally find a ATM but by the time I reach street level I am only a couple blocks away. I get in and out fairly quickly. The asked the xray tech if she had any idea how it looked as I stared at her screen. She’s like,

I can’t tell you because I’m not a doctor and I can’t show you because you are not a doctor

Fuck off! That’s what I wanted to say, its my foot! But I didn’t want any confrontation and was too tired to argue. I leave the building and start looking for a cab. It’s only a few blocks but I am ready to cry my foot hurts so much. 3 taxis pass and they each are filled. I get cold from the wind so I duck into a tower and hobble through the PATH. After forever I start getting sweaty and pop back out to street level and I’m across the street from my building.

By this point I’ve only eaten a banana and had a green tea. I’m eat lunch of the usual salad, roasted vegetables and protein (1 Italian sausage and a piece of crust less quiche I made)

I leave work 5 minutes early to give me enough time to get to get to the train. I make it with 1- minute to spare. Hubby made a delicious spaghetti for dinner and had picked up a french stick of bread. I made several conscious choices of eating too much.

  • A second helping of spaghetti (telling myself it was to feed baby. He ate 2 bites)
  • 4 pieces of bread (it was so fresh and sopped up the sauce perfectly)
  • The rest of the sour cream and onion ring chips (there were only 8 rings left)
  • 2 digestive cookies (I felt for something sweet which I would normally not give in)
  • A sip of Hubby’s can of Coke (iw was thirsty but too lazy to get a glass of flavorless water)
  • I still snacked and ate until 8:30 when I should have done eating at 7 (I was done my first bowl at 7 pm)

Me and the kids played some cards and then it was a quick shower/teeth/face cleaning before bed.

Is it Friday yet?


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