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Intermittent Fasting – Days 13 and 14

This is going to be short. Just long enough for me to remember how I’m doing but also short enough so I can’t watch Netflix and get my mind off my throbbing toe that I stubbed (not sure if it’s broken) yesterday.

Day 13

Ate late the night before, but held off in the morning and held off for a 15-hours. Yah me! And even finished eating on time too. Double yay me!!

More kids b day parties a bit further away left me and baby home alone. After feeding him I could not keep my eyes open. I was counting down the minutes for hubby to come home. I needed 30 minutes just to recoup, so once bubby came home I told him to watch babe for 30 minutes while he set up his machine. Next thing I know I woke up at 12:30 am and everyone else is sleeping. I am too tired to even be mad that hubby didn’t get on.

Day 14

I woke up early with baby and toasted him 2 slices of the cheese bread from Michel’s Bakery. As I’m slathering on the butter it’s nutty aroma gets my hunger going. Baby eats one right quick. I make him 2 scrambled eggs and add some cheddar cheese. I can’t resist anymore. I eat the other slice. He eats the eggs. I have unleashed the hunger. I have broken the fasting time already so I have straight up given up. Next thing I know I’m eating green onion rings and a few mini chocolate chip cookies.

I signed up for an Orange Theory class. I get some exercise, spend time with my sister-cousin and have a little self-care me time. It’s been awhile but I need to get moving. It was tough. So tough I felt nauseous af during the class 😂 I went for some delicious dumplings. We shared an order of 16 dumplings. We both could have ordered more food to eat, but practiced some self control. We were satiated.

Me and hubby went to get the weeks groceries. I brought everything over to sister-cousins place to prep food for the week. While I went over I crossed the snowy lawn instead of walk around on the sidewalk. Of course karma for the lazy has me slip and stub my toe big time.

-after 2 hours

-This morning

I could wear my boots and made it into work, but can’t fit my foot into a shoe. Sigh


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