New Job – Day 10 and Intermittent Fasting – Day 12

When the fam picked me up from the GO last night, hubby only brought me 1 slice of pizza from the large pie at home. 1 slice! I was so hungry and 1 slice wasn’t going to cut it. I was a bit snippy asking if 1 slice would fill him. Being hangry that kind of barking happens. We had parent-teacher interviews so off we went. By the time we got home it was after 7pm and even though I wanted to eat 10 more slices and hubby saying to eat one slice otherwise I’d be so hungry in the morning, I stayed strong and didn’t. I am committed to trying during the week. I hope I have the same conviction on the weekend.

I didn’t pack any snacks last night, so I grabbed what was available. 3 small home baked cookies. I’m being taken out for lunch, so that’s taken care of. As I grabbed the cookies I took a bite of one. Three chews in it hit me. What am I doing?! I literally spit it out into the garbage. I haven’t done this all week to throw it all away over a small cookie.

M woke up early to use the bathroom while I was about to do my morning poop. I let him go first and then he said he was thirsty. After he went downstairs he went to baby’s room to lie down. As I was getting ready he calls out and asks me to log into my laptop before I go. That woke the baby up. Fak! Queue the crying and clinging need for cuddles. I had to go. Hubby was getting off the machine so he’s not in good shape. I cuddle baby and try and put a show on TV in the bedroom for him. But when I go downstairs to grab the cookies he starts losing his mind again. He stands on the top of the stairs crying. He won’t come down for me to hold him. I’m starting to get a bit panicky about missing my train. It’s only my second week. I don’t want to be late. I put on a movie from Netflix and he calmed down. It’s not my first choice to have the TV babysit him, but hubby just finished dialysis and I need to go to work. Just as I was about to leave L calls out to me from upstairs. Fak! Baby turns around and sees I’m about to leave and loses his mind again. What a shit show.

TGIF! I’m commuting to work and already dreaming about taking a nap this weekend. There’s another b day party this weekend. Cest is life with kids. Non stop kids b day party and activities.


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