New Job – Day 9 and Intermittent Fasting – Day 11

I updated yesterday’s post to include how my day went at work, the ridiculous GO train rambles I was forced to hear, and more. Now to update about last night’s food shenanigans. The hubby’s BBQ chicken legs were yummy. They were small and even though I was only going to eat 2 I ended up eating FOUR. I didn’t get more rice and doubled up on the veggies, so it works out, right? At my several moments of weakness I made a few bad choices:

  • The fourth chicken leg. I didn’t need it. I ate 3 legs and put away my dishes by then.
  • I ate 3 mini chocolate cookies. I baked the rest of my Hubby Approved Chocolate Chip Cookies (writing up post). Who can resist fresh baked cookies?!
  • Took a small sip of the hubby’s can of Coke. I was thirsty and didn’t want more water.
  • I ate 2 sour cream and onion ring chips. I could easily eat half a bag in one sitting.
  • Nibbled all these bad choices past 7 pm. Next thing I know it’s 7:30 and I don’t think I’ll be able to make this morning will last till 11:30 am this morning.

I brought my two packets of oatmeal for this mornings snack. I can’t wait! I’m not sure how much longer I can do this. The mornings are rough. I am tired and hungry this morning. I’m not as hungry, but even though I’m drinking tons of water my poops has been pebbles. Need to eat yogurt and fruit I guess.

Work was interesting. I logged in and then got caught up with my colleague. I missed my first meeting and was reminded by a call from boss lady. Oops! Ran to meet with the DMS admin at her desk. As I passed boss lady’s office I was called over. Fak! DMS admin was I her office. Ah well, I make small talk and laugh it up with them. I’m good like that. After 1.5 hrs I’ve reached my limit. I suggest we book another meeting if she had a lot more to go over. Then we chat personal stuff with the admin and a developer. They’ve been there 13 and 17 years respectively. It’s speaks to the work environment that people stick around. The admin has quite the opinions and a bit stubborn. The developer has 2 children – 7 and 16.

There was a news clip on the tv in the main employee lounge about organ donation. I suggest that the laws should be set that everyone should be assumed to donate but could opt out. Basically opposite of what it is now where people mist opt in. She was dead set against that. She believes she should have “autonomy over her body even in death”. Ugh. Her reasoning was that there is a mistrust in the black community and that in the past slaves were used for medical experiments. Her example was that of there was a white body and her black body, who’s body would the doctors try and save? I told her I understood. Look up the stats for black women who give birth. The mortality rate is high. But a he may feel differently if her family needed an organ. It is what it is. Sadly this attitude is just another of many why there is a shortage of organ donation.

It’s pizza for dinner tonight. Not the best choice for this weight loss journey, but thats what hubby has dictated and I’m hungry enough to eat a whole pie! Bring on the grease and cheese!


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