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New Job – Day 8 and Intermittent Fasting – Day 10

A new day and I’m slowly getting into a routine. I’m keeping up the good habits of packing my lunch at night. It’s still a salad mix and roasted veggies with whatever meat from dinner’s left over. I make an effort to try and finish eating by 7. The morning is still difficult. Waking up early af, especially when baby or pee urges wake me up, is not easy. I long to sleep in until 7 or 8 am. I can’t sleep on the train. To be totally vulnerable in public with all your senses down sounds dangerous. I’ll always remember what my older brother said when I said I don’t like falling asleep on the train,

Why? You think someone is going to steal your shoes?!

Always the funny guy, I understood where he was coming from. I’m taking a $10 train ride with the other suburban zombies. This ain’t no TTC subway/bus/streetcar ride. Living in a first world north American country, it’s easy to say I’d be safe. Not sure if I’m trusting more or I’m just that exhausted, but I find myself closing my eyes as I listen to my audio book in 10 second intervals. I haven’t fallen asleep, yet. Just resting my eyes, but ready to kickass, or more likely move my legs so someone can get in/out of the chair beside me. What can I expect when I take the aisle seat?

When I get to work it is hard to not eat. I’m already dreaming of the oatmeal I’ve brought with me. I grabbed a packet of the plain oatmeal with the best intentions. But staring at the box a bit too long I remembered that it’s a small serving and I’d have to add a packet of sugar for some flavor. In that second I grabbed a second pack, but this time the maple one. I k ow the flavored ones have too much sugar, but if I add a plain one it cuts the sugar in half! It’s too big a serving size, but today that’s what’s going to happen and I can’t wait. Once I get a chance to buy my oatmeal fixings I’ll grab one pack of plain next time. Even the Chia seed pudding sounds delicious right now. Can you tell I’m hungry while I write this? 😂 I love talking food when I’m hungry. Probably counterintuitive, I should change the topic of what I’m thinking about to distract myself from my cravings of any food, but I love food.

I think part of my meal prep will include some breakfast foods. I’m getting so bored of basically the same thing for almost 2-weeks. Some veggie loaded baked egg fritata with a half avocado, some quinoa or other filling healthy foods. This site has some great ideas I want to try.

GO train is running behind. So frustrating when I get up so early to take a train that’s to get me there 20 minutes early, but still getting to work late. Ffs! This commute sucks. The silver lining is I can blog everyday. Lucky you dear reader 😘 and great for me to remember and read past posts. What a difference compared to the early part of this year. I read such despair and unhappiness in this year’s earlier post. But I digress. I don’t want to dwell on the unhappiness. Let’s talk about all the noise my belly is making. Is it because it’s shrinking? Or is it just trying to tell me feed it? I suspect the latter.

I’m writing this on my morning commute so it’s all food. I’ll add to it on my ride back home and include how work went and if I controlled myself from breakfast eats, walk at lunch and if I can limit my snacking and sugar intake.

UPDATE: I just want to Netflix to take my mind off having the need to 💩. So, I’ll keep it brief.


  • Went for a walk at lunch and returned a pair of shoes – I’m at 9000+ steps!
  • Drank 9 glasses of water
  • Ate both packs of oatmeal with warm milk
  • Didn’t eat any crackers for a snack. Yah me!
  • Ate carrots and hummus dip for snack at 3 and on train ride home


  • Ate a square of lyndtt milk chocolate

Hubby is oven baking BBQ chicken legs and cooking rice for dinner. I’m going to try and limit it to 2 legs. It’s white rice which is not ideal. He shouldn’t have brown or wild rice because it’s hard to digest and not good for his EPS. I’ll try and keep it to 1 cup. I’m not hungry-hungry, but do have some crazy gas and a log in my gut (TMI?). Can’t wait to get home and sit on the toilet 💩

Work went well. Went down to the help desk to get email put on my phone and a token so I can work from home. Met some more people. Another friendly bunch. Boss lady passed by the office at the end of lunch and I still wasn’t back. Ugh. Hope she doesn’t think I am taking long lunch already! Ah well. They assigned me a mentor and she checked in. Day 8 at this new place and I still feel I made the right choice. Yah me!

Side note

On the GO home this guy is talking his business loud on the phone. He’s like “we’re both immigrants, well, I’m Macedonian”. Oh right. You are not an immigrant since you are “white”.

He also ranted “so nobody says shit about Trudeau in blackface, but Don Cherry loses his job?!”

He’s talking to Julie and he didn’t understand why she wanted to send their kid to Catholic school.


Note to self:

  • get noise cancelling headphones. A tablet/phone volume boosting app.

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