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New Job – Day 7 and Intermittent Fasting – Day 9

Not having good sleep. If it’s not baby waking up it’s me. I don’t want to miss my alarm again. I woke up early, cuddled and connected with the hubby, and got ready. I couldn’t find some nice pilates gear to wear. I usually don’t give af what I wear at the gym, but this is at work and the standard for my work image can’t be the raggedy shorts and tshirt. Really it’s just an excuse for me to go buy something cute. 😂 There was quite a bit of snow to clear off before I can head out. Hubby cleared it off and warmed the car. Yah him! I still need to get boots for my eldest, so he’s still wearing my boots. That left me with the hubby’s big as boots. They are a size too big, but after each baby my feet got wider, so I can fit his boots good enough. I get there a couple minutes early, but not enough to get to the train car I need. If you’ve walked through a GO train, it’s kinda a bitch. I carry my big as purse, lunch bag, and sweat in my huge shawl/scarf and winter coat as I trudge through car after car. It took me so long I’m almost at the next stop already and I haven’t done my make up! Whatever. More people to eyeball my routine. I get my first hiccup with the colleagues today. I suggest instead of a paper quiz, we put it online. That way we don’t kill trees and we have historical data. But the one guy who’s been there got his knickers riled up defending that “I guess I’m old school” and think paper in training is a necessity. I had to calm his ass down and get a tone in my response. Fak! Day 2 out of training and already a slight. Not a huge deal, but this guy isn’t down for change. I’ll wait till mu probation is over and take over 😂

By 10:30 am I was feeling tired and had dry mouth. I don’t think I could hold out till 11 for my 16:8 intermittent fast. But someone asked a question and 30 min later I made it! I grabbed a banana and ate some of the Chia seed pudding I made and brought and chugged 3 glasses of water. Got some more work done and then lunch time! Lunch was:

  • Last night’s meatloaf
  • Spinach and Romain salad
  • Roasted veggies – broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potato, peppers
  • Crackers – 4 triscuits, 2 stoned wheat thins

As I headed out for a 30-minute walk I grabbed a halloween oh henry bar. I couldn’t help it. But, at least I got to 7000 steps so far. Yah me! By 2 pm there was a plate of brownies and cookies at colleagues desk. Ugh. I crumble and took the smallest one – a brownie. It was delicious. By 3 pm I decided to eat my baby carrots and hummus. I’m not necessarily hungry. I just want to nibble. So I drink more fucking water. Ugh.

When it’s time to leave there are still 2 cookies left – chocolate chunk, molasses snicker doodle. I go to the bathroom and get into my mind I’ll grab the molasses cookie on my way back. When I head out the molasses cookie is gone and the last temptation was waiting for me. I stopped and stood there mentally deciding. I say out loud “nope!” And kept walking. Yah me! I can’t wait for some food when I get home. Hubby want to eat left overs, but I don’t feel for that. I said I could it bring for lunch tomorrow and we can go grab some eats. I could chow down on a big burger with fresh cut fries right about now.

I’m going to try and grab some oatmeal fixings:

  • Shredded coconut
  • Sliced almonds
  • Dried cranberries

One of the colleagues said she puts a some hot milk, oatmeal and oatmeal fixings into her thermos, so by the time she gets to work it’s her breakfast.

  1. Sounds delicious
  2. Will help cut my cholesterol – it’s kinda high. Not enough for me to need medication, but enough that my doctor called me after I did blood work for my annual physical

Some great ideas can be found here by

Things to help with the job and diet:

  • Keep ideas to myself and just talk with boss lady
  • Try and limit my sweets and cracker consumption
  • Exercise more – I bought an Orange Theory 10-session pass. Use the muthafucka

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